Michael Dell: Firing up the jet engines of human progress

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Together, we have an incredible opportunity to make our world a better place. From hunger and poverty to climate change and energy, help is on the way. It’s called the Internet of Things (IoT) or, as we prefer to call it at Dell Technologies, the Internet of Everything. Because eventually everything, from footwear to light bulbs to the seat belt in your car, will be embedded with tiny little sensors and nodes that can communicate—throwing off all the data we need to drive radical progress across our global society. But how do you turn that data into innovation and progress? You make your connected things smarter through new and emerging data sciences, like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Time-Series Learning. That’s how we can turn the IoT into the IQT or Intelligence of Things, where every node contributes to our collective intelligence. The way we see it, IoT combined with advanced computer science is the jet engine of human progress and data is the fuel.  One great example is AeroFarms . A leader in ‘smart’ vertical indoor farming, AeroFarms uses IoT technologies and data science to create a perfect environment for growing herbs and leafy greens. Their farms require no sunlight or soil, use 95 percent less water, produce 390x more per square foot than a commercial field farm, and can be done virtually anywhere. That’s what the IQT can do. It’s exciting. At Dell Technologies, we store roughly half of the world’s mission critical data so, as you might imagine, we have an enormous role to play in the IoT. We’re in New York City this week to talk about our strategy and share some news about how we’re helping our customers embrace this new, promising reality. Our strategy spans innovations from our entire family of businesses—Dell, Dell EMC, VMware, Pivotal, RSA, Virtustream, SecureWorks and Boomi. We’re co-inventing with our customers and partners the secure infrastructure to loop data into a cycle of continuous innovation and improvement that will deliver real, tangible benefit to the world, much like our friends at AeroFarms are doing. There’s never been a better time to be in IT…or to be human, for that matter. We’re on the cusp of some world-changing breakthroughs. Buckle up. 🙂


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