Meet the Dogs of Dell

One of my favorite fictional dogs can speak English via a special collar that translates his thoughts into speech. Over the next few weeks — squirrel — some equally lovable canines will be guest posting here on Direct2Dell in celebration of National Service Dog Month.

You may have already heard of one of them if you’ve been reading our blog for a while, or more recently if you’re on Facebook:

Long known as “man’s best friend,” service dogs in particular play a special role. These four-footers are hardworking helpers that have shown themselves to be outstanding assistants for people with disabilities of all kinds.

Just as no two people are alike, no one size or type of breed fits the bill to become a service dog. A lot depends on what tasks they will be called upon to complete. Service dogs may be called upon to guide the blind, hear for deaf, perform tasks for wheelchair users, anticipate and warn of seizures, and perform many other jobs for disabled owners.

Dell service dog Coach sitting in front of a laptop

They have to be calm, cool and collected, and also need to have a laser focus that the animated hound I mentioned above definitely lacked. Service dogs can’t be distracted by what is happening around them while assisting their handler.

Yes, it’s all business when they’re on duty, but that’s not to say they never get a break.

Becoming a service dog is not easy, though. They must be energetic, but not overly active. People-oriented and friendly, but ready to work in an instant. It can take anywhere from six months to up to two years for them to complete the necessary training.

While some share their insights with us on the blog this month, there are many more alert, smart canines around Dell that enable our employee’s to contribute to the team. We’re thankful for their hard work and salute them this National Service Dog Month, and every day.