Making 5G Real at MWC Las Vegas

This blog was written in conjunction with Druid Software, Airspan Networks and DISH Wireless.

At this year’s MWC Las Vegas, we won’t just discuss 5G. We’ll bring it to the event with a fully operational, standalone 5G private network. It’s part of a collaborative effort between Dell Technologies, Airspan Networks, DISH Wireless and Druid Software to show how pre-validated, pre-integrated private wireless solutions can deliver secure 5G connectivity anywhere, quickly and efficiently.

The live demo will feature several use cases, including video surveillance, real-time video streaming, remote collaboration and more. It will include a mix of 5G-ready video cameras, software applications and phones. Each company is bringing something unique to the party: Dell provides the hardware infrastructure and installation expertise, Airspan brings the radio and RAN software, DISH delivers licensed spectrum and Druid adds Raemis™, the 5G core platform, to bring it all together. It’s a great example of how a team of best-of-breed companies can combine their open, standards-based private wireless technology to show a pre-validated solution that solves customers’ business challenges.

Simplicity, Scalability and a Small Form Factor

Private 5G wireless networks have several compelling use cases. They can deliver 5G connectivity in retail stores or remote areas. They can enable automated factory floors or autonomous vehicles. They can provide security and surveillance in cities. The ecosystem and technology will continue to evolve, leading to even more complex use cases to be resolved. But what communications service providers (CSPs) and enterprises are discovering is that private wireless can be complex and costly to build when you must do all the validation and integration work yourself.

And that’s where Dell, Airspan, DISH and Druid are making a big difference.

We’ve created an end-to-end private wireless solution in a small form factor that’s simple to set up and deploy, reliable for mission-critical applications and scalable enough to grow from one to 1000 radio units (RUs). The demo at MWC Las Vegas will showcase the scalability and throughput of the private wireless solution and how it can handle several use cases simultaneously.

Private Wireless Innovation

Under the hood of this private 5G network solution is a best-of-breed mix of hardware, software and services from some of the industry’s leading 5G innovators. At the center of it all is Druid Software’s Raemis™ 5G core platform, which authenticates and manages all the 5G devices, providing the 5G functionality and application integration that enterprises need to manage and customize their 5G network for specific use cases. Raemis™ supports interoperability with over 36 different 5G RAN and virtualized RAN (vRAN) vendors, including Airspan Networks. The Airspan AirVelocity 1901 RAN system has been fully integrated and validated with Druid Software over 5G deployments globally to provide lightweight, powerful 5G communications for indoor use cases. The AirVelocity 1901 combines the distributed, centralized, and radio units (DU/CU/RU) in a compact device that can be mounted on walls or ceilings.

DISH Wireless will deliver priority access licensed (PAL) CBRS radio N48 band spectrum for 5G communications. PAL connectivity offers high priority for CBRS communications, which, combined with DISH’s built-in network reliability and security, ensures the private wireless solution meets the requirements of enterprise-critical applications.

The solution is all deployed on Dell’s purpose-built infrastructure, the Dell PowerEdge XR400. The solution is also pre-validated and available for highly scalable use cases on VxRail or Microsoft Azure hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) platforms.

Simplify Private Wireless Deployments

Private wireless is indeed more complex to deploy than other networking technologies such as Wi-Fi. We aim to reduce this gap and remove some of these complexities. As a first step, much of the complexity can be solved before deploying a single server by doing the hard stuff – the integration, validation and even some of the configuration – before the solution is shipped. The private wireless solution we will showcase at MWC Las Vegas proves that you can roll out and scale up (or tear down) a secure private wireless network quickly and reliably almost anywhere – even at a busy venue where space and time are limited.

If you plan to attend MWC Las Vegas this year, stop by the Druid booth (booth #1024) and learn more about our private wireless solution and what it can do for your business. Or ask your Dell representative for a private demonstration of our private 5G solution featuring Druid, DISH Wireless and Airspan products and services. See you at MWC Las Vegas!