Level Up Your Multicloud Experience Through Accelerated Automation Workflows

Organizations are quickly modifying their IT operations and processes through automation and growing mature DevOps synergies. They are learning how to upskill their traditional IT admins to increase efficiencies and accelerate business outcomes. Automation increases the workflows for an organization across their Continuous Integration | Continuous Delivery (CI|CD) processes and contributes to DevOps maturity. Automation also helps organizations develop “product first” mindsets and become more competitive due to less wasteful maintenance cycles and delayed IT moratoria.

In March 2023, Dell Technologies partnered with and released Hashicorp’s Terraform providers for our primary storage portfolio to include offers such as PowerFlex, PowerStore and PowerScale to help customers accelerate their platform operations. Today, we add to the catalog the first Terraform Provider for Dell APEX Navigator specifically, with Dell APEX Block Storage for AWS.

This follows the initial release of APEX Navigator for Multicloud Storage, a set of capabilities that streamlines multicloud storage management, accelerates productivity and fortifies multicloud operations, all from one centralized location. These capabilities help our customers take full advantage of the high-performance, unique multi-AZ resiliency and cost optimization offered by APEX Block Storage for AWS. The combination of centralized management and the ability to create automation in early discovery provides the end user with an advantage to gain excellent purview of their SaaS environment. Additionally, APEX Navigator was intentionally built API-first to simplify integration with popular automation tools such as Terraform. Dell’s API-first strategy provides customers a consistent experience—making it easier and faster to consume across Dell products.

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Dell APEX Navigator screen image on laptopIncorporating automation tools for infrastructure enhances multicloud expansion with fluidity and scalability. Terraform provides an easier way for end users to set up and expediate automation for efficiency and scale across their storage portfolio without having to worry about the underlying procedural, manual steps that can delay target outcomes such as provisioning or standing up a volume. Additional benefits include reduced risk of overbilling, consistency of data and consistency through application changes and movement without disruption.

In this release, the following management aspects in APEX Navigator will be available through the Terraform Provider:

    • Deployment of PowerFlex clusters from AWS marketplace and/or APEX Block Storage for AWS, provisioning of storage volumes
    • Data mobility between APEX Block Storage for AWS and Dell PowerFlex on-premises
    • Decommissioning of instances to reduce risk, such as the removal of a cluster from AWS, and deleting storage volumes

Accelerate time to value for Dell APEX Block Storage for AWS and Dell APEX Navigator for Multicloud Storage with this first set of capabilities that break down siloed experiences with centralized management of Dell storage software across multiple public clouds. Learn more about Dell APEX Navigator and how to get started using all these great features today with a risk-free 90-day evaluation

1 90-day evaluation: Applies to Dell licenses only for APEX Block Storage for AWS and APEX Navigator for Multicloud Storage. Terms and conditions apply. For Dell APEX Navigator for Multicloud Storage view the Dell Cloud Service Offering Agreement and the Dell APEX Navigator for Multicloud Service Offering Description. For Dell APEX Block Storage for AWS, view Dell’s Software Evaluation Agreement.