#Knowledge18 – IT Operations Agenda Tips

Headed out to Las Vegas for Knowledge 18 this year? The content catalog is posted and you can start building your schedule. I thought it would help to have some guidance on which sessions make sense for you since you will need to make a couple choices here and there if you find a conflict. But first, a couple tips.

  1. This is a networking event, so network. Take the time to get to know some new people that share your passion.
  2. Labs are a great way to get exposure to things on the platform that you haven’t seen before. Do NOT go consume labs for things you already know!
  3. Vegas is hot and dry, so stay cool and hydrated!

Sunday (Training)

There are product specific classes for each of the major IT Operations products. Discovery, Event Management, Service Mapping, and Cloud Management all have a fundamentals track and Service Mapping also has an implementation track for those that already have experience working with the module. There are also two strategy workshops that will help give you the tools you need to succeed. Callen, Ray, and Jim are incredible resources to learn from in the IT Management at Scale workshop and I highly recommend it.

Monday (Training Continued)

Tuesday (Conference Sessions)

10:30 Sessions

  • BRE0308 – The ITOM Now on Now story is fascinating because they are customer zero for each of our major upgrades. This session will go into detail about how we use IT Operations to run our organization.
  • BRE1174 – You can also hear from Mary Kay’s Jacob Benker about how they use Event Management to cut through the noise of multiple monitoring tools covering multiple teams.
  • LAB1012 – Duplicate CIs are a constant source of frustration for admins and using the identification and reconciliation engine can solve this. This lab will walk you through a hands on approach.
  • LAB0285 – If you’ve been wanting to dabble in the Cloud Management module, our very own Nick Ryan will be supporting a lab focused on highlighting cost containment and discovery of cloud workloads.

11:40 Session

  • BRE0589 – If you’ve seen an IT Operations presentation, you’ve heard of what Jamie did at Transalta. Now you can hear how they are creating a closed loop change process.

1:30 Sessions

  • BRE0289 – If you missed the morning Now on Now session, you can catch up with Eric Szonyi and hear how he is using ServiceNow as part of our customer facing lab environment.
  • BRE1412 – Service Mapping is a team sport and Luke Morris from CBRE will highlight how they leverage an early access program to revamp their approach to including the business in their mapping strategy.
  • LAB1411 – If you want to dive in and see what Luke did with Oded and Tamir, then you can get hands on in this service mapping lab and see what’s new in Kingston.

2:40 Sessions

  • BRE0997 – CMDB might not sounds exciting, but you haven’t heard Noam talking about what’s new in Kingston.
  • BRE0878 – AI and Machine Learning are IT buzzwords today, but Puru and the team from Synchrony Financial will discuss how they are making buzzwords into reality.

3:50 Session

  • BRE0458 – Come see how a devops approach to cloud is built on ServiceNow cloud management.
  • LAB0287 – If the devops story makes sense, but you need to get hands on then come to this lab where you will create service catalogs across mutliple clouds with my favourite Brit Jason Miles and team.

Wednesday (Conference Sessions)

10:30 Sessions

  • BRE0836 – I get asked all the time how ServiceNow can help manage SSL certificates. Come here how TCF is doing this very thing.
  • LAB0285 – Nick is back again to show you how to keep CMDB clean in a cloud first world
  • LAB1014 – CMDB Health is critical, and in this lab you can grab a sneak peek of the CMDB Health Dashboard coming in London

11:40 Sessions

  • BRE1310 – Benny will conver the changes coming in the London release for Event Management as well as the changes available today in Kingston.
  • BRE0143 – The team at Phillips66 was directed to move all of their data centers into the cloud in months. Jeff and Kaleb will discuss how they used ServiceNow to accomplish this.

2:40 Sessions

  • BRE1004 – If you missed Noam talking about CMDB on Tuesday, you can catch him again talking about the new bulk error handling in Discovery and Service Mapping in London and Kingston.
  • BRE1033 – Trying to make more sense from all of the alarms coming in from your multiple monitoring tools? You can hear how Dell was able to tackle this in this session.

3:50 Sessions

  • BRE1410 – If you’re in healthcare, you won;t want to miss this session from UnityPoint Health on how they are using IT Operations in their EPIC environment
  • BRE0132 – Attacks happen and Maersk will highlight how they got back to normal after NotPetya got them
  • LAB0276 – Service Mapping is uber-extensible and our pattern developer lead Hail will walk through the process in this lab.

Thursday (Conference Sessions)

10:30 Sessions

  • BRE0861- After mapping hundreds of applications the business expects you to take that to the next level. Brian Kelly and the team at Toyota North America will highlight how they are succeeding.
  • LAB1009 – The godfather himself, Aleck Lin, will be helping lead this hands on lab session about modeling IoT and Cloud devices in the CMDB.

1:30 Sessions

  • BRE0584 – My good friend David Stefferud from Walmart Labs will dive in and tell you how a strong governance program enabled them to discover and start managing thousands of CIs in one of the largest CMDBs to date.
  • BRE0890 – When your business is as seasonal as H&R Block you have to act fast. Hear how John and team was able to drive quick value out of their mapped environment.
  • LAB0270 – AIOps can now be extended to the metrics coming in from your infrastructure. You can get hands on with the he Gianpaolo and the rest of the ServiceNow team.

2:40 Session

  • BRE1066 – Are you ready from disaster? Kurt with AIG will highlight how they used the Fairchild app on the ServiceNow store to prepare them for the worst.

Friday (Recovery)

Saturday (Refresh)

Monday – You’re back at work and ready to tell all your peers about the new things your learned and all of the great projects you are ready to spin up to make ServiceNow even better!