Kickstart Your Digital Initiatives with Versatile AI Foundations

Not a day goes by without a mention of AI powering new avenues and opportunities in some media or news headline. With businesses and consumers experiencing AI in various forms already (e.g., chatbot customer support, Generative AI, search engines, voice assistants, etc.), the potential for AI continues to grow, and organizations need powerful solutions to help leverage AI for business operations and new initiatives. Today, Dell and NVIDIA are making available a superior foundation to enable this: the new Dell PowerEdge XE9680, which will be the industry’s first server powered by eight NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core SXM5 GPUs to ship, along with new solutions for AI and the metaverse. Dell Technologies and NVIDIA deliver simplified, high-performance AI-ready solutions to accelerate business’ digital transformation and advance their AI initiatives into production.

The Future of Business is a Digital Workplace and Experience

The emergence of AI is a tremendous enabler of innovation that can drive decision-making and improve outcomes, enabling higher worker productivity, for example. And that is creating a new demand at all levels of the business to operationalize AI and lean into potential advantages for the business.

Deploying AI initiatives and scaling them into production is becoming a more natural step in the evolution of the business, as many businesses, from small to mid-market and large, have capitalized on leveraging AI to accelerate success.

With now-available compute foundations such as the PowerEdge XE9680 for complex workload needs like large language model training or data visualization, businesses can remove one or more challenges to deploy AI and rapidly ramp up their AI initiatives with cutting-edge performance and intelligent suites of AI software to reduce their time-to-model and time-to-market. Organizations can also deploy the PowerEdge XE8640, available next quarter featuring four-way NVIDIA H100 GPUs, for a balance of performance to power.

How to Deliver Future Value

The technology foundation to drive AI has expanded and scaled to meet a variety of vectors and requirements, including for function (training vs. inferencing for example) and for speed. Enabling a strategy to now include these relevant, innovative solutions helps businesses take AI from paper to production faster.

That’s why Dell Technologies and NVIDIA help you kickstart and unlock the power of AI by putting it to work to fast-track innovation and power your AI workloads with best-in-class IT infrastructure that supports on-premises, cloud or hybrid environments, with protection across boundaries. The newest generation of PowerEdge servers with leading-edge NVIDIA GPUs, helps businesses in their AI journey with accelerated compute for all levels of AI performance.

Announced today, the latest NVIDIA L4 Tensor Core GPU powered by the NVIDIA Ada Lovelace architecture, delivers the performance and versatility for a wide range of AI applications and other graphics performance needs for businesses of all sizes. The NVIDIA L4 is available today for the R750, R7525 and R650 PowerEdge servers for inferencing from datacenter to edge.

Taming the World of Virtual World Development

Another emerging trend leveraging AI is developing and deploying digital twins to simulate production processes and transform how companies design their factories, model cures and tackle highly complex planning workstreams before building them out.

The NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise platform enables businesses to create physically accurate, large-scale digital twins through its advanced real-time simulation and collaboration capabilities, transforming the way 3D teams approach building and operating metaverse applications. The NVIDIA L40 GPU brings powerful RTX and AI capabilities to supercharge workloads like extended (XR) and virtual reality (VR) applications, design collaboration and digital twins.

Dell PowerEdge announced support of the NVIDIA L40 in January. And today, NVIDIA announced the next generation of the NVIDIA OVX architecture that will be supported in the Dell PowerEdge R760xa announced in January. When available in the first half of this year, it will enable customers to accelerate their journey of virtual world-building and digital twin simulation for the enterprise.

Accelerating Insights

From leveraging AI to building 3D worlds with the ability to tap into the power of AI, businesses can develop the foundation they need to be successful. Dell PowerEdge servers help customers with compute innovation, along with powerful accelerators from NVIDIA, helping customers accelerate their journey to AI for a wide range of applications.

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