Introducing the New Apps Manager Search and Navigation for PWS

This week, the Apps Manager team is rolling out a new UI to PWS. The new changes are focused on navigation and helping users find their apps faster. There are two major updates that we’d like to talk more about:

  1. Expanded search: We’ve expanded the top search bar functionality to allow users to search not only apps, but also service instances, spaces, and orgs. Users can access search from any page in Apps Manager by using the “/” key. When the search bar opens, it will show recently accessed apps, service instances, spaces, and orgs.
  2. Home page: We’ve added a new landing page to help users navigate quickly to what they care about, or browse to the information they are looking for. First, users will see a new “Recently Accessed Apps” panel, which tracks the apps a user has recently visited (specific to the web browser). This is useful if you find yourself accessing the same few apps on a regular basis. We’ve also added an Orgs panel, which is useful for users who’d like to browse through the Org > Space hierarchy to find an app, service instance, or other information. These users can also now use search to navigate directly to what they’re looking for.

We’re very excited about these new features and hope to continue to improve the UI to make the best experience for our users. If you have questions, comments, or suggestions, please reach out to us via the Feedback button in the sidebar.