Introduce Customers to the Concept of ‘Cloud Without Chaos’

Are your customers struggling to keep track of cloud services and their impact on business performance? The new Dell Technologies Cloud Platform delivers simplified management for today’s multi-cloud world.

Last week’s Dell Technologies Cloud Platform launch presents a range of exciting new opportunities for you to position yourself as your customers’ go-to cloud technology partner.

The best way to start unlocking this potential is to show prospects how you can help them more easily and efficiently manage the multi-cloud environments that most organizations are grappling with today.

Introduce the concept of ‘cloud without chaos’

There’s no denying that cloud is here to stay. Moving certain workloads to the cloud makes perfect sense. As a result, cloud services continue to grow rapidly, making up an ever-larger portion of IT spend. The reality is that we now live and work in a hybrid and multi-cloud world.

But traditional data centers haven’t gone away. They’ll continue to be a necessary foundation for many organizations, due to legacy applications that are difficult to move to the cloud, workloads whose characteristics are a poor fit, or because of business requirements and regulatory concerns.

All that means is that most organizations find themselves with an unenviable juggling task. IT teams are trying to maintain disparate operating models, relying on multiple clouds, and often not having a strong understanding of what their IT landscape looks like – or how it will impact the business.

The new Dell Technologies Cloud Platform delivers ‘cloud without chaos’.

Now you can help your customers deploy a hybrid cloud solution that simplifies the management of private and public cloud resources – all thanks to a common management approach that enables consistent operations.

Help customers cut through multi-cloud complexity

Dell Technologies Cloud Platform is a brand new cloud infrastructure and management solution, which was unveiled at the recent Dell Technologies World.

It’s the operational hub for seamless management of hybrid cloud services. With Dell Technologies Cloud Platform, customers can benefit from the flexibility of deploying applications in the right cloud – whether that’s a private cloud that’s fully under their control, a public cloud that provides the efficiency of a shared-resource infrastructure, or at the edge so that data can be processed and stored close to its creation. As a trusted Dell Technologies partner, you can help organizations choose the right approach to suit their specific business needs.

The latest RightScale State of the Cloud Report finds that 84% of enterprises have a multi-cloud strategy and that, on average, organizations are using 5 different public and private cloud services.[1]

Interestingly, the report also reveals that cloud users are typically wasting up to 35% of their spend.[1]

The best of all worlds

You can help organizations improve their cloud experience and optimize their spend by introducing them to a consistent operating model that provides simplified management across private, public, and edge. The new Dell Technologies Cloud Platform enhances agility through the use of consistent infrastructure across all cloud options, avoiding application re-work so that your customers can deploy their workloads to the right cloud for the specific purpose.

It means that organizations can bring the best of public cloud to their data center, transfer their management and security best practices to all clouds, and extend both to the edge.

Using the Dell Technologies Cloud Platform, you’ll be able to help customers to:

  • Improve cloud economics – lower TCO by aligning how they pay for IT with how they do business.
  • Increase business agility – maintain autonomy and control while keeping data and workloads portable.
  • Accelerate time-to-market – cut through multi-cloud sprawl and operational complexity to advance innovation.
  • Reduce business risk – take advantage of trusted services that introduce consistent operations and infrastructure.

Become their go-to cloud technology partner

Cloud services and the use of multiple options are here to stay. So there’s a massive opportunity for you to position your business as your customers’ trusted cloud technology partner.

It’s time to start to capitalize and standardize on the hybrid and multi-cloud realities that almost all commercial and enterprise customers are facing.

In addition to generating demand for the new Dell Technologies Cloud Platform, you can open up opportunities to grow your business by developing managed private cloud offerings, providing expert deployment and support services, and delivering consultative cloud transformation services.

This is an exciting opportunity to leverage your trusted partner status and work hand-in-hand with Dell Technologies to address all your customers’ hybrid and multi-cloud requirements.

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[1] RightScale 2019 State of the Cloud Report from Flexera: