Intel’s 9th Gen CPU is a Revelation – and a Revolution

  Intel’s 9th Gen K-Series CPU added to the new XPS Tower Special Edition and Alienware Aurora. 

Roughly five years ago we began planning the Alienware Aurora and the XPS Tower. While working with many teams in many regions, we always knew that we’d have to offer the latest performance. As has been the history of Alienware and XPS, performance is paramount to the brands success and is the first feature customers expect.

Fast forward to 2017. In only October of last year both the Alienware Aurora and XPS Tower were updated to Intel’s 8th Gen 6-Core CPUs. Prior, both Alienware and XPS had been running Intel’s four core processors for well on a decade – so the launch of 6-core was especially welcomed by us and our customers. Now – a mere 12 months later, we are already moving to new 9th Generation 8-core K-Series (i5, i7, i9) just in time for the holidays.

The Alienware Aurora was designed for gamers who crave a beyond “stock” experience. When these new processors are paired with the Aurora’s advanced liquid cooling solution, purpose built thermally advantaged chassis and the latest graphics cards it will allow gamers the ultimate gaming experience whether it be in 4K, VR, or in the latest esports titles.  For those seeking a more subtle yet sophisticated performance based PC, the XPS Tower Special Edition continues to offer customers the latest and best performance with full customer accessible expandability.

Both take full advantage of Intel’s 9th Gen K-Series to make them the premium, high-performance desktops for this Holiday season. The XPS Tower Special Edition will be available in the U.S. and China on October 29, U.S. pricing starting at $1099 USD, and the Alienware Aurora will be available globally within the coming month, starting at $899 USD, direct from and in retail stores. Please note, regional availability and configurations will vary.

Also launching with the Alienware Aurora is the latest advancement in software personalization and command/control from Alienware – the New Alienware Command Center. First launched on the new Alienware Area-51 in January, Alienware’s Command Center give a customer complete control over their system lighting – including managing Alienware’s keyboards, mice and headphone, access to the Alienware Aurora’s advanced overclocking tools (in addition to more cores, Intel has added a new Solder Thermal Interface Material (STIM) that gives incredible overclockability) that provides a simple interface for a quick fix – or get deep into the clocks and voltages, and perhaps the most powerful feature for customers is the Game Library. This feature allows customers to customize their system lighting, performance, acoustics on a game by game basis to give complete control over their gaming world.

For developers and creatives, it’s all about performance, and the Intel 9th Gen is supercharged for creating, faster video editing and easy sharing using today’s top tools. Intel Quick Sync Video provides hardware acceleration for the latest video codecs, and Intel Optane memory intuitively learns what applications you use most and loads your most-used apps and tools faster. These customers will love the speed introduced with this new set of processors as their render times will be better than ever.

So, do you game? Want to begin the next generation of VR entertainment or edit home videos? Or just want the latest performance available that will keep your computing needs current for the coming years, the new Alienware Aurora and XPS Tower Special Edition are ready for you.