Improving Cost, Efficiency AND Sustainability? Yes, It’s Possible

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, worldwide demand for smart software solutions continues to rise. The software segment is expected to see double-digit growth as companies across industries seek innovative ways to streamline operations and stay competitive. However, environmental consciousness is growing at the same scale and pace.

Software developers, like all businesses, must focus not only on driving innovation and minimizing IT costs but also adopting sustainable practices for technology procurement and usage. This means supplying staff with top-of-the-line devices while staying mindful of budget and avoiding waste. The objective is to thrive now and in the long term by aligning with changes in customer preferences, regulatory requirements and global trends.

Performance Plus Sustainability

By adopting eco-friendly practices, software developers build trust with customers, partners and investors. This stance fosters a positive reputation, attracting socially responsible clients and collaborators to further expand a company’s market reach. Tech companies are not alone in their need to demonstrate a commitment to viability and resilience, so they make a relatable use case.

Austria-based INVARIS, a leading software manufacturer specializing in customer communication management systems, has embraced the paradigm shift. INVARIS is known for its portfolio of leading document solutions and products. With an expanding workforce and ambitious plans, the company is charting a course for growth across Europe, the Middle East and South Africa.

To reach its goals, INVARIS needed to provide its growing team with reliable, secure and sustainable technology solutions while remaining cost-effective. This is where Dell APEX PC-as-a-Service (PCaaS) came into play, revolutionizing INVARIS’s approach to technology deployment and management. Following this path, businesses can simultaneously grow their markets, support their employees with the latest and most efficient client devices and contribute to a more sustainable digital economy.

Maximizing Productivity

Leaders at INVARIS wanted to better equip their dispersed workforce via regular device refresh cycles while reducing expenditures on new devices and ensuring responsible disposal of old technology. Dell APEX PCaaS proved to be the ideal solution.

Dell APEX PCaaS is a comprehensive offering that integrates hardware, software, lifecycle services and payment solutions with a predictable monthly cost per seat. The service streamlines PC lifecycle management, enhancing employee satisfaction while reducing IT expenses and freeing up valuable resources for more critical business and IT priorities.

For INVARIS and many other companies, the financial rewards of Dell APEX PCaaS are significant. A Forrester Total Economic Impact study commissioned by Dell Technologies found:

    • 22% fewer support tickets at a healthcare organization, reducing the IT burden by 12 hours per week.
    • 50% decrease in employee device onboarding time at a financial services company, enhancing user experience and productivity.
    • 28% increase in ROI during a three-year period for an industry-agnostic composite organization with 4,000 users and devices.

Interviewees reported efficiency gains thanks to proactive insights from Dell Technologies across deployment, security, management and support. They also noted the solution’s flexible and sustainable technology rotation aligns with a circular economy.

A Seamless Rollout

The Dell ProDeploy Deployment Team worked with INVARIS to outfit employees with cutting-edge technology while adhering to budget constraints. Leveraging the Dell APEX PCaaS solution, INVARIS selected Latitude notebooks and Precision workstations for its team members. Dell Technologies appeals to forward-thinking companies such as INVARIS because it uses closed-loop materials and tree-based bioplastics—in the world’s most intelligent, secure business PCs.

“We have been able to give our employees the latest and most efficient client devices without an increase in our costs,” said Franz Guszich, CEO of INVARIS. “In addition, personnel aren’t disrupted if there are any problems with the devices because the service options in Dell APEX PCaaS mean that any issues are resolved quickly.”

This strategic move positions INVARIS to maximize employee productivity and enable company leaders to drive expansion plans. INVARIS now has the assurance that its old devices will be disposed of sustainably, with components recycled and reused. Guszich concludes, “Sustainability is essential to INVARIS, so it’s great to see the advances Dell Technologies has made in manufacturing and the use of new technologies to support our goals.”

Optimizing Growth

Dell APEX PCaaS includes fully customizable options from among Dell’s award-winning business laptops, desktops, workstations and accessories. The flexible hardware and lifecycle solutions come with a predictable monthly payment, supporting a company’s bottom line.

The INVARIS and Dell APEX PCaaS partnership is a testament to sustainable, profitable practices. It underscores the importance of responsible technology procurement and usage—for the environment and the long-term success of software developers and businesses alike.

As digital transformation continues to reshape industries and the economy, organizations must be at the forefront of sustainable innovation. The INVARIS collaboration with Dell Technologies highlights how responsible technology choices can drive growth, reduce costs and contribute to a greener future. In addition, by aligning business expansion plans with sustainability goals, software developers can meet present-day demands without compromising the needs of future generations.

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