IMPORTANT NOTICE: [all buildpacks] End of support for cflinuxfs2 on all new dependency version lines within buildpacks

This notice is regarding the end of support for cflinuxfs2 and how it affects all buildpacks and dependencies contained within them.

cflinuxfs2 (based on Ubuntu 14.04) is no longer receiving security updates due to the end of upstream support. As we desire to ensure that buildpacks are always shipped with the latest security patch updates, all new dependency version lines within buildpacks will only be shipped with cflinuxfs3.

We understand that migrating applications over to cflinuxfs3 can take some time. Because of that, existing dependency version lines that support cflinuxfs2 will continue to receive patch updates for both cflinuxfs2 and cflinuxfs3.

Warning: It is not safe to run applications on cflinuxfs2. While buildpacks will still contain dependencies supported on cflinuxfs2, we do not recommend that they be used due to the absence of security updates for cflinuxfs2.

Additionally, a secondary notice will be coming in the near future explaining the timeline for ending cflinuxfs2 supported buildpacks.


CF Buildpacks Team