How Your IT Team Can Take Advantage of Predictive Analytics

Is your company aiming to be a leader in the field of predictive analytics? New research suggests it should. ESG research finds that AI-enabled organizations considered to be the “Most Advanced” IT shops are 2.6x more likely to lead the competition in business intelligence and analytics.

Organizations that are categorized as “Most Advanced” use:

  1. Modern servers with extensive automation capabilities (i.e., automated updating, monitoring, configuring, provisioning, and issue remediation).
  2. Accelerators such as GPUs or FPGAs to support AI workloads.
  3. Converged/hyperconverged infrastructure to support AI workloads.

ESG refers to the “Most Advanced” AI-enabled organizations as Stage 3, with the “Least Advanced” being Stage 1. Stage 3 companies are nearly 7x more likely to be market leaders when it comes to the development, deployment, and tuning of AI models, including those used for predictive analytics. In fact, 74% of Stage 3 organizations are developing, deploying, and tuning AI models for predictive analytics in production today. Compare this to only 55% of Stage 1 organizations.[1] Being a leader in the field of predictive analytics means reaping a host of benefits like more accurate business planning, better strategic decision making, and an improved ability to identify and take advantage of trends.

A new eBook from Dell EMC, The Compute Infrastructure Needed for Predictive Analytics, explores the benefits of being an AI-enabled organization. It takes a deep dive into the ideal infrastructure needed to run a predictive analytics/machine learning environment like Spark on Hadoop. As ESG research shows, in order to boost your predictive analytics powers, it helps to have automated servers.

When you replace your aging servers with modern servers that have automation capabilities, you can expect:[2]

  • 43% faster deployments
  • 43% higher systems reliability
  • 38% faster updates of applications
  • 37% less time spent on routine, manual IT infrastructure management

What does this mean? Modern servers enable your organization to have faster access to insights. Your analytics servers will be up and running lightning fast. Also, you will experience minimal downtime for processing data. All servers recommended for running Hadoop and Spark in the eBook provide compelling automation options. Our premier server management platform, the OpenManage portfolio, offers RESTful APIs. The APIs allow you to script many aspects of your server deployment, maintenance, and provisioning. You can write a script, set it, and forget it. OpenManage Integrations also support the Ansible framework with OpenManage Ansible Modules. These allow IT to automate in a multi-vendor scenario. The modules are delivered as pre-written scripts for fine-tuned automation.

To learn more about the two other compute criteria essential for AI, read the ESG paper. To dive deeper into setting up your ideal infrastructure for predictive analytics and machine learning, download the Dell EMC eBook on this topic.

[1] ESG, Three Transformational Compute Technologies Verified to Accelerate AI and Business Value, November 2019.

[2] Forrester Consulting, Insights from Modernized IT: How to Achieve the Greatest Success as You Automate, November 2018.