How to Get Started Creating With Dell Canvas

It’s big. It looks cool. It makes me want to be an artist instead of a wordsmith. I’m talking about the Dell Canvas which practically begs you to design something awesome.

“For the uninitiated, the Dell Canvas 27 is essentially a big, 27-inch LCD display that the more artistic among us can use in content creation,” Slashgear said.

Dell Canvas and XPS 27 on a desktop

Similar to how we listen to customer reviews and work with industry experts to inform our design, we also talked with real-world users to develop Canvas.

“The Canvas itself is a 2560×1440 display with purposefully huge bezels that Dell implemented after artists told the company that they preferred having a place to rest their palms while drawing,” ExtremeTech noted.

If you’re one of those content creators who has already added what PC Magazine called a “cool, natural evolution of the artist’s workspace” to your own setup, a team of creators inside Dell has a new series of videos to help you get it set up.

Through Windows 10, Canvas is paired with your existing PC and monitor, so the videos include helpful tips for your display settings — such as how you should extend your desktop rather than duplicate it.

The Canvas’ 27″ QHD Adobe RGB LCD panel is directly bonded to anti-glare Corning Gorilla Glass, eliminating the lag between pen and screen. It’s said to be as close to sketching on paper as possible, but when you’re getting started you need to know how to access and set those pen settings through the Canvas pen driver:

And even if you’re familiar with pens, the Canvas totem is a completely new way of interacting. It allows you to do things like quickly selecting different colors in a sketching app, or scrubbing back and forth in a video editor. This video can show you more about how it works:

Those are just a sample of the many videos you’ll find in our Canvas playlist on YouTube.

Want a third-party opinion on Dell Canvas? Check out the series of videos freelance illustrator and concept artist Lawrence Mann has put together on his LAWRENCEcanDRAW channel on YouTube.