How can you help your team find more meaning?

We all face
ups and downs at work – but we all want far more good days than bad.

In the war
for talent, offering engaging work gives you a competitive edge. We wanted more
insight into how much of one it can really be. So, we took on a study to
explore the importance of meaningful work for Canadian office workers.

most Canadian office workers crave meaningful work. In fact, 81 per cent say
they need most of their job to be meaningful. Unfortunately, nearly 60 per cent
also say they wish their work were more meaningful.

probably because many workers are spending a lot of their time – about 15 hours
a week – on menial tasks, from fixing IT issues to coordinating meeting space.

there’s a big opportunity for Canadian organizations to better support their
teams in the quest for meaningful work. Our survey findings reveal that
employees are expecting that support, too.

From how menial tasks make office workers feel to where money fits in, check out the key findings for yourself.

Quest for Meaningful Work Infographic