How Campbell’s Souped Up Its HR Services

In a recent webinar with HR Executive Online, Kaitlin Arcamone, myHR Services Americas Manager, for Campbell’s Soup Company shared how they built a sustainable HR Shared Services program and transformed HR service delivery using ServiceNow.

Kaitlin is the manager of the Campbell’s Soup HR contact center that supports employees and managers in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. Over the past four years, she has helped formulate, execute and refine the strategy that is helping Campbell’s Soup transform HR and change the way they support the business. She is currently focused on continuously improving the HR services they deliver to their customers.

Campbells HR Service Delivery

Kaitlin was kind enough to spend a few minutes with me and share more about their HR transformation journey.

Mike: Thank you for taking the time to chat, Kaitlin. How long have you been using ServiceNow in HR?

Kaitlin: We implemented ServiceNow back in 2013. We needed a solution that would be used primarily for HR operating requests, but, we also wanted the ability to move requests to our other HR functions if needed.  The solution we chose was ServiceNow, and we implemented it in just 3 months.

Mike: What made you choose ServiceNow?

Kaitlin: ServiceNow met all of the requirements.  The workflow capability in ServiceNow is what really sold us.  It has enabled us to automate and standardize over 50 HR processes.  ServiceNow virtually eliminated all HR program request forms.  An example includes the tuition assistance program.  An employee can access the tuition assistance policy and program information on the myHR portal and then submit the electronic ServiceNow form, which auto-routes to the employee’s manager and one-up manager for approval. Once approved, the employee’s HR delivery partner is notified automatically.

Mike: I understand you’re also using Workday?

Kaitlin: Yes, we implemented Workday about a year and a half after ServiceNow.  We use Workday for Core HR and ServiceNow for HR service delivery. We do have an automatic integration between the two systems that is fed every single day.

Mike: Are you leveraging the reporting and dashboard capabilities within ServiceNow?

Kaitlin: Yes. Historically we had difficulties measuring our performance.  ServiceNow made measuring key metrics of service delivery easy. These metrics include SLA rate, aged cases, case volumes, request types and trends, and employee satisfaction, to name a few.  Currently, we measure employee satisfaction through a quick smiley face survey upon completion of each HR request. We also are currently designing performance analytic dashboards with the help of ServiceNow.

Mike: With the ability to better measure your performance, what are some of the benefits you have seen so far?

Kaitlin: We are able to spend our time more effectively and efficiently within HR. It’s allowed us to shift from an HR operations role to more of a strategic business partner. We have standardized over 50 processes and significantly reduced SLA’s from 5 days to 2 for high volume transactions. Our SLA attainment rate is 97% and we’ve reduced turnaround time by a whopping 75%, all while maintaining a 98% accuracy rate. And most importantly, we are providing a great service experience for our employees, as evidenced by our 97% employee satisfaction rate.

Mike: That’s fantastic. Congratulations! Any future plans to expand the usage of ServiceNow?

Kaitlin: Yes, we have now been using ServiceNow for almost four years and we continue to find new ways to use ServiceNow solutions to better enable one of our main transformation goals, employee self-sufficiency. Performance analytics is the latest ServiceNow capability we are beginning to implement.

Mike: Thanks for sharing your success story, Kaitlin.

If you want to learn more about how Campbell’s Soup is using ServiceNow to support their HR Shared Services function, register and attend Knowledge17, ServiceNow’s annual user group event, May 7-11 in Orlando, FL. There will be 16 customers sharing their HR transformation journeys using ServiceNow, including a session from Campbell’s Soup, titled: Driving HR Shared Services Improvement with Performance Analytics