Get more outside-the-box value in your cloud implementation with KPMG

Straightforward, fast, and uncomplicated

These are not the words that usually come to mind when IT prepares to deploy new technologies. Over the years, innovation has transformed at a rapid pace, but in today’s cloud-enabled environments, it still takes too long to see the benefits of some of your latest IT investments.

Here’s an interesting proposition: Why not expedite the core implementation activities, get to production quickly, and spend more time and resources focusing on innovation and strategic initiatives that drive business value and improve the bottom line? This is the mindset IT and their implementation partners need to keep up with business demands and gain value faster from today’s cloud-based technologies and solutions.

The challenge we see, specifically with SaaS/Cloud automation, is that that while the technologies themselves have improved – and ServiceNow stands out from the crowd here – there has been little to no innovation in the way these technologies are implemented. The industry–customers and service providers alike–are still using old approaches to implementation that were prevalent in the client/server heyday. The result? Too much customization, too long to get to production, and a higher total cost of ownership.

The solution? Commit (and I mean truly commit) to an “out-of-the-box” implementation and realize value much faster than a traditional design, then build, approach.

That’s the strategy behind KPMG’s Powered IT for ServiceNow, which in addition to being the latest solution in the Powered Enterprise suite, is being launched simultaneously within the ServiceNow Partner Catalyst Program. We have taken our experience across hundreds of ServiceNow implementations and developed a set of proven, standardized models and tools to help our clients implement IT Service Management. This solution enables clients to move quickly through the implementation of ITSM basics (incident, problem, change, etc.) with less risk and minimal customization. To increase effectiveness, the approach includes everything that can make enterprise software implementations more successful, like predefined process definitions, governance strategies, organizational change management approaches, and predefined operating models.

Leveraging these elements, clients can get the basics out of the way quickly, significantly speed up implementation, and focus their resources on areas that represent true strategic advantages. Think robotic automation, predictive analytics, and big data strategies that truly advance the business of IT.

On stage with ServiceNow CEO John Donahoe at NowForm New York, Marriott VP of IT Ken O’Connor describes how KPMG’s Powered IT for ServiceNow solution has transformed the company’s IT processes.

This is something that Marriott discovered when they implemented KPMG’s Powered IT for ServiceNow earlier this year.  We believe this is the gold standard of how we deliver ServiceNow because it transforms the IT department and service management seamlessly and without parallel. Avanish Sahai, VP of Worldwide ISVs, Product Lines and Industry Solutions, Alliances and Channels at ServiceNow had this to say, “We love the Marriott example, because it shows both the power of the platform and the advantage of partnering with a Global Strategic Partner like KPMG. We expect to see many more transformative solutions like this one come out of the Partner Catalyst Program.”

Today, businesses expect IT to deliver solutions faster.  The assumption is, if it’s SaaS or cloud-based, it should be out of the box and ready to use immediately, or yesterday.  No one has the appetite to wait 12 months or more to start seeing value.  Service providers like KPMG are partnering with our customers to help deliver on this expectation. Our credo is this: Launch the platform quickly and seamlessly – then work with your enterprise to do something amazing with it.

ServiceNow and KPMG work together to create more effective and efficient solutions, with more options for innovation than ever before. Want to maximize and add value to your ServiceNow investment?

Let us show you how good your future looks outside the box. Make your cloud deliver!

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