Get Camera-Ready with the PowerEdge R740xd2

We live in a recorded world with increasing security risks. While it’s no surprise that video surveillance has expanded past banks, retail shops and airports, more organizations are now using CCTV for reasons beyond safety or legal requirements. That means if you have a bad hair day, it is definitely recorded somewhere.

Setting up a reliable camera and storage system has its challenges. Video files are large, and they are only useful if you can quickly access them. And the video data itself needs to be kept secure and easy to manage. Plus, setup and testing of a new video surveillance solution can take time away from other demanding projects. Thankfully, Dell EMC offers a few options that make it a lot easier for you to set up video surveillance within your organization.

In the Dell EMC Surveillance Validation Lab, dedicated engineers utilized the PowerEdge R740xd2 server with three leading video surveillance management systems. The tests included normal operations and simulated disk failures to create “real world” scenarios. Read more about how these validated solutions can help you reduce risk, streamline solution set-up and help ensure successful operations:

  1. Genetec™ Security Center
  2. Verint® EdgeVMS
  3. Milestone xProtect®

There are a few reasons why the PowerEdge R740xd2 is ideal for video surveillance. First, the R740xd2 offers large internal storage — up to 364TB within a 2U server. This gives you the ability to store up to 500,000 HD video hours in a single server![1] It’s also designed with front-serviceable, hot-swappable drives to help ensure uptime, which is important when you need constant access to data. The R740xd2 also offers two-socket performance and SSDs options for fast file retrieval. And to ensure the confidentiality of your video data, the R740xd2 has layers of security built into the software and hardware.

With these validated video surveillance solutions featuring the R740xd2, you can quickly be ready for “lights, camera and action” within your organization. We are interested in hearing about all the innovative ways you are using CCTV, so join the conversation with us on Twitter @DellEMCservers.

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[1] Based on Dell EMC internal analysis, October 2018. Hour calculations simulated using the R740xd2 with 24 active drives and 2 spares drives per chassis and RAID 6 configuration with HD 720P resolution, 10 FPS, 16K per frame and 700 cameras. Actual results will vary.