Forrester Consulting Examines the Impact of PowerProtect Cyber Recovery

In today’s digital age, data is at the heart of every organization’s operation.  Protecting data has become paramount, especially in the face of continuous cyber threats. You’ve likely heard of, witnessed or been a part of a scenario where an organization falls victim to a ransomware attack. And behind the scenes, production servers and standard backups are rendered inaccessible and critical data has been lost. The organization has been compromised, employees and customers are frustrated, and revenue is lost due to downtime.

Data resiliency is focused on being able to recover the right data, to the right location, at the right time, making it available as needed. When it comes to recovering data that has been affected by a cyberattack, having a non-compromised clean copy of that data is imperative for recovery to continue running the business as quickly as possible. This is where PowerProtect Cyber Recovery with CyberSense plays a key role.

Dell’s PowerProtect Cyber Recovery vault is revolutionary in the realm of cyber security and data resiliency. It empowers organizations to create immutable backups and store them in an isolated recovery vault, offering a lifeline in the event of a cyberattack when standard production backups are compromised.  Access to the vault is not possible from any of the production servers so the ransomware attack is unaware of the vault contents. CyberSense is the watchdog that scans the immutable backup copies in the vault for signs of corruptions due to ransomware. This added layer of protection uses analytics and AI-based machine learning to detect malicious activity and help customers determine the clean version of files needed to recover quickly and minimize data loss and downtime.

The Results are in the Numbers

Dell commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study and examine the potential return on investment (ROI) enterprises may realize by deploying Dell PowerProtect Cyber Recovery. The purpose of the study is to provide practitioners with a framework to evaluate the potential financial impact of PowerProtect Cyber Recovery on their organizations in the event of a cyberattack. The study identifies the costs, benefits, flexibility and risk factors that affect the investment decision, and the study results are from a composite organization derived from interviewing multiple organizations that have implemented the solution.

Here’s what the Forrester study found:

  • Reduction in data recovery time by 80%. Following a ransomware attack, the composite organization recovered its data with 80% less effort with the solution in place versus without the solution. Data protection teams spent less time locating uncompromised data in the vault and spent less time restoring to resume normal business operations.
  • Reduction of system downtime by 75%. Following a ransomware attack, the composite organization got its systems back online 75% faster with the solution versus without the solution. This reduced the disruption in employee productivity, operations and services and resulted in less negative publicity that might affect the business brand reputation.

Faster data recovery and reduced downtime result in less business disruption and reduction in loss of business.

“Every day that we’re not open, we are losing revenue.  If we’re not providing services to the public, we could lose millions of dollars.“ – CISO, Local Government

Additional Benefits of PowerProtect Cyber Recovery

While the quantifiable benefits are considerable, there are other qualitative benefits that came from the study that are harder to put a number on but are very valuable to the business:

  • Insurance savings. Having PowerProtect Cyber Recovery in place reduces insurance risk, leading to more favorable insurance pricing and acceptance.
  • Resiliency mindset. The solution boosts the organization’s cyber resilience maturity, guiding future security and resilience decisions.
  • Easier audits. PowerProtect Cyber Recovery streamlines audit preparations and compliance checks.
  • Employee reassurance. Knowing their data is secure improves employee peace of mind and trust in the organization.
  • Dell partnership. Confidence in Dell’s expertise and solutions foster a strong partnership with customers.
  • Proactive integrity scans. Assurance that data is clean from malicious corruption via automated CyberSense scans.

Dell’s PowerProtect Cyber Recovery isn’t just a cyber security solution, it’s an investment in peace of mind. It empowers organizations to safeguard their data, recover from cyberattacks with speed and efficiency and build resiliency in an increasingly digital world. The numbers speak for themselves, but the true value lies in the confidence it instills and the protection it offers in the face of ever-evolving cyber threats.

When you’re effected by a cyberattack, you want the right solution in place to help mitigate the attack, restore uncorrupted data and resume normal business operations as quickly as possible.

Don’t wait. See the full study from Forrester Consulting, fortify your defenses and contact Dell Technologies today to learn more.

*Based on research by Forrester Consulting commissioned by Dell Technologies, “The Total Economic ImpactTM of Dell PowerProtect Cyber Recovery,” August 2023.