Flexibility Reigns for Women in Technology at Dell

Flexibility. It’s a powerful term that can oftentimes make or break a work experience. At Dell, women are pleasantly surprised at how flexibility comes to life, in fact, it’s consistently ranked as one of the top benefits. Here’s a glimpse into how flexibility enhances work life for several women working in Dell’s Silicon Valley offices.

Jessica Huening, Dell Channel Account Manager

Flexible Work

Jacqueline Thomas, Director

“Many companies are staunch believers in the old adage you come in every day, you punch that eight to five clock and you go home and your work day is over. Dell understands that we don’t live that way. They’ve created an environment that allows you to think flexibly to resolve problems in flexible environments. If I come up with an idea at two o’clock in the afternoon and it’s after five in Boston, I can jump online and send off that email or I can ping someone on IM with my idea and that gets the ball rolling. It’s not nine to five do your job and go home. We have a problem to solve, and where you are when you solve it doesn’t matter.”

Jessica Huening (above), Dell Channel Account Manager

“I like the flexibility of owning or building my own company, per se, I’m an entrepreneur, it’s my business. However how much work I put into it is what I’m going to gain from it. I can work from eight to five or I can work from eight to three or I can take a break in the evening and then come back to and work all the way to 10 or 11 p.m. I like the flexibility of not having to be in the office, tied down, so to speak. I can be out with my partners face-to-face, interacting.”

Naushin Shaikh, Dell Software Quality Principal Engineer

Motherhood Calls, Dell Answers

Naushin Shaikh (above), Software Quality Principal Engineer

“I had my baby and during the first year, I was going through a tough time balancing work and baby. After a year, I told my manager that now I’m ready. I need new challenges so I can step up to the next role. She helped me, she guided me as to how to get to the new level. Two years down the line, I was there.

“I think that having a baby should not stop you from taking up new responsibilities. It may just slow you down.”

Yolanda Coleman (below), Senior Project Manager

“As a Dell employee, I work from home 100 percent of the time. That affords me the opportunity to be present at my daughter’s school events. When she has something going on at school, I send an instant message or an email to my manager and to my teammates, letting them know I’m going to be gone for an hour. I run over, take care of her, then I’m able to come back and pick right up where I left off.

“I also don’t have that commute time. My commute is two minutes. I do have to manage myself to make sure I’m not working all the time, but being able to balance my personal life with my work life has been very easy.”

Pamela Hennard, Vice President

“My dad was in the military and we moved every three years. People say that it builds character, it exposes you to a lot of different cultures, and it’s true. But when I started having kids I wanted them to have lifelong friends. I didn’t think it was possible, what company in Phoenix, Arizona, is going to give me the career development and upward mobility that I was looking for?

“The interesting thing is, it’s not a company based in Phoenix, it was Dell, a company based in Austin. They’ve given me the opportunity to lead an organization from my home, even though I’m not in the corporate headquarters.  That has given me more flexibility than I could have ever imagined.  It has allowed me and my husband to give our kids a life full of family and friends that I didn’t think was possible. Every day I’m so thankful for the flexibility at Dell – it’s phenomenal.”

Yolanda Coleman, Senior Project Manager Dell

Family Matters

Karen Washington, Regional Sales Director- California, Nevada & Hawaii

One of the reasons why I came to Dell is the work/life balance. Dell gives you room to balance your work and family life. I have found that to be very true. My mom has developed pancreatic cancer and Dell has been wonderful for support during these difficult times of me traveling back and forth to my hometown.

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