Federal Organizations Shift to Consumption-based IT

Architecting IT environments with simplicity, agility and control is an escalating challenge. CIOs must stay on top of the swirl of disruptions and opportunities to align IT investments with business requirements. To accomplish this within dynamic, rapidly changing business environments, 60% of global companies today are shifting to cloud-right, consumption-based IT models, according to IDC.

For Carahsoft, a leading Dell Technologies partner, Dell APEX Flex on Demand is the ideal solution for many of its public sector and federal customers. The solution improves business outcomes by meeting stringent security requirements and providing flexible consumption-based technology. In turn, this allows for simplicity, scalability on demand and better cost control via a hybrid cloud infrastructure. Dell APEX Flex on Demand employs a tailored configuration to meet the unique needs of each business while answering a much broader, global need for customizable, consumption-based IT.

Our customers love Dell and APEX Flex on Demand. We are helping elevate government agency outcomes with purpose-built IT solutions. – Patrick Spinosa, Civilian Team Lead, Carahsoft

Changing the Cost Conversation

Carahsoft uses Dell APEX Flex on Demand to help customers manage costs. Traditional on-premises IT provisioning is time-consuming and challenging. To correctly estimate capacity needs, companies must estimate what is required today as well as several years ahead, then justify the CapEx investment to acquire that IT infrastructure. Companies often overprovision IT to ensure adequate coverage; but inevitably that capacity can sit idle, increasing IT costs. As an alternative, cloud-first approaches help decrease overprovisioning and planning cycles. However, due to ingress and egress fees, cloud-first can also result in elevated costs, making it a cost-prohibitive approach for many companies.

By contrast, subscription-based IT consumption models like Dell APEX Flex on Demand change the cost conversation. Upon deployment, customers only pay for the capacity that is used and can manage demand spikes with quick, spin-up access to IT surge capacity. Dell APEX Flex on Demand gives additional peace of mind by capping total monthly billing at 85% usage of total installed capacity – an offer unmatched by other infrastructure providers.* In short, customers can save money, utilize predictable IT costs and more effectively manage finances.

Carahsoft understands the budgetary constraints of public sector companies and the even stricter constraints of federal agencies. By providing Dell APEX Flex on Demand’s low upfront cost and OpEx financial model, Carahsoft helps customers reallocate their CapEx budgets for other business needs by using OpEx for IT funding.

Meeting Stringent Security Needs

Security is also a rising concern across all industries resulting in stringent IT requirements. For mission-critical applications, industry-regulated applications and highly sensitive data, organizations need an extremely secure, on-premises IT solution. However, IT solutions are also required to work in tandem with cloud environments. Dell APEX Flex on Demand’s innovative design answers these conflicting needs.

For example, federal organizations face some of the world’s most demanding IT security standards. Through Dell APEX Flex on Demand, Carahsoft provides federal agencies with what they describe as a “cloud-right” approach, leveraging an on-premise private cloud for extremely secure onsite infrastructure. “APEX Flex on Demand fills a unique gap. It’s extremely secure, it’s onsite, and it’s a cloud offering, delivering exactly what our customers require,” shares Patrick Spinosa, Civilian Team Lead at Carahsoft.

Business Relies on Technology

Increasingly, business outcomes and success rely on the right technology and approach. For many customers around the world, consumable-based IT is the right answer. “It’s easy to see the IT future when partnering with Dell Technologies. Dell APEX Flex on Demand’s hybrid cloud and flexible consumption model is ideal for our customers,” says Erica Raymond, Director of Sales at Carahsoft Technology.

Learn more about Carahsoft’s just-right approach with Dell APEX Flex on Demand here. 

*Available with Dell APEX Flex on Demand for Storage, Data Protection, and VxRail. Dark sites, non-metered deployments and customers non-compliant with their contract terms are not eligible.