Extend Your Storage Offerings with the New Dell EMC ECS EX-Series

As the digital economy extends its reach, organizations are beginning to appreciate the value of data. Data is playing an increasingly important role in determining whether organizations will thrive in a digital-first world or not. According to IDC’s prediction, worldwide spending on digital transformation technologies is growing at 18.1% through 2021 to more than $1.8 trillion¹. To truly unlock the value of data, however, your customers need a fundamentally different approach to IT, as traditional infrastructure was not built to handle the magnitude of data. This is precisely why we built Dell EMC ECS, the modern object-storage platform that brings cloud scale and economics to our customers’ datacenters.

We are introducing the new ECS EX-Series platform, the next-generation ECS hardware that can help open up new sales opportunities for you to up-sell support and consultancy services.

A data storage platform for now – and for the future

ECS brings public cloud-like scalability and flexibility that can meet your customers’ data storage needs of today and tomorrow. The EX-Series release consists of two brand new offerings:

  • EX300: With a minimum starting capacity of just 60TB (83% lower than previous ECS platforms), the EX300 is the perfect storage platform for cloud-native initiatives, such as apps built using Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF). The EX300 is also well suited for modernizing Dell EMC Centera environments.
  • EX3000: Packing up to 8.6 PB in a single rack, the EX3000 is designed to support organizations with a large data footprint. This makes it the ideal solution for archiving warm and cold data, building internal cloud-storage portals, and supporting large cloud-native apps as well as Internet of Things (IoT) or analytics initiatives. Due to its superior storage density (almost 50% higher than previous ECS platforms), the EX3000 is a great fit for datacentre consolidation efforts.

Partner benefits

1.     Greater Flexibility: The EX-series provides organizations with unparalleled flexibility in starting with just the capacity they need, and growing as their needs change in the future.

2.     Centera Modernization: With a minimum starting capacity of 60TB, the EX-series can help your customers accelerate Centera modernization efforts. Thanks to its native support of the CAS API, ECS supports seamless migration from Centera. It also honours governance, compliance and retention features that Centera customers rely on.

3.    Future-Proof: The new EX-series provides open-standard based switches with up to 100GbE I/O per port connectivity and the ability to tune performance requirements.

4.     Storage for Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF): ECS enables developers to provision storage, providing a flexible, API accessible and persistent object storage system for PCF apps.

EX-Series offers you the flexibility to grow your business based on your customer needs. You can now offer your customers:

Jump on this opportunity to extend the storage offerings you sell your customers today and reap the benefits!


Watch the ECS Introduction Video, go to the ECS Website for more ECS resources and visit the Partner Portal for more partner-specific resources.