Enhancing Public Safety and Security with AI

Artificial intelligence enables public sector organizations to approach public safety and security concerns with innovative solutions.

From strengthening airport security and fighting crime to predicting natural disasters and tracking dangerous viruses, artificial intelligence is now one of the keys to enhancing public safety and security. Moreover, the public sector’s adoption of AI is accelerating as all the pieces of the technology puzzle are falling into place — from an abundance of data to more affordable high-performance computing systems.

The Journey to AI in the Public Sector” report highlights some of the innovative ways that public sector organizations are using AI give us a safer, more secure world.

  • The U.S. Border Patrol is using a combination of satellite imaging, geospatial analytics, sensor devices, and AI computer vision to automatically detect whether people have weapons, are hauling oversized backpacks or drug bundles, or transporting dangerous animals or endangered species.
  • Governmental agencies are using machine learning to better predict disasters caused by extreme weather, fires, earthquakes and disease, while emergency responders are using AI with image and data processing to pinpoint danger zones and more effectively target their responses.
  • Public health agencies are using AI-driven capabilities to track health problems. In one case highlighted in the report, officials applied natural language processing to social media posts to identify the likely sources of food poisoning.

The systems that make it happen

These applications require high-powered computing technologies, from the network edge to the core of the cloud data center. Here’s a look at a few solutions that help organizations make AI real in the realm of public safety and security.

  • Dell Edge Gateway servers can be incorporated in portable security units that apply deep learning techniques to identify the sound signature of a gunshot and determine where it came from — a use case that is happening today at San Jose State University.
  • The Dell Technologies IoT Solution for Surveillance combines hardware and software optimized for surveillance needs, along with management and orchestration.
  • Dell EMC PowerEdge servers with Intel® Arria® 10 field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) bring faster, more powerful computing to the edge.
  • Dell EMC Ready Solutions for HPC bring together software, servers, networking, storage and services optimized for HPC and AI workloads.

This is just a small sample of options from Dell EMC and Intel that are helping public sector organizations accelerate the deployment of AI-driven applications for public safety and security. The big takeaway here is that AI is ready for prime time in public safety and security applications.

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