Dynamic Libecki Duo Bring Technology to Remote Peru

Earlier this year, Dell was proud to partner once again with famed National Geographic Explorer and Dell Ambassador, Mike Libecki; this time to bring technology to a remote village in Paspha, Peru. This small mountain community is populated by a vibrant people that showcase some of the most recognizable culture associated with Peru.

woman sitting outside home in Peru

This proud community did not have access to some of the latest technology that could help them in their day to day lives and enhance the education of their children, the wealth of the village. Mike Libecki and his intrepid 14-year-old daughter, Lilliana, brought solar power, internet, and Dell Latitude products to serve a need and give back to the world that they have explored and shared with so many.

In order to ensure a lasting impact on the village, we sent Latitude Educational laptops, engineered with lessons learned from Latitude Rugged. Because Dell employs a unified engineering team each of our product lines benefits from the lessons learned from another. So even in a remote village, Latitude Educational products have inherited some of the features that make Latitude Rugged great: MIL STD 810G certification, stronger hinges, robust keyboards, and other refinements courtesy of Dell Latitude Rugged that you won’t find in competing products.

Here’s Lilliana on her experience during that incredible adventure, in her own words:

people sitting at a table working on dell laptop computers

“In a world where we can be and do anything, be kind and do good!” – Lilliana Libecki

Our Rays of Joy Humanitarian Expedition to Peru was a success! With the most incredible team, we explored through Peru, climbed to the summit of Mount Ishinca, and most importantly, gave back in hopes to make the planet a better place. This year, we did a humanitarian trip at the Pashpa School in Pashpa, Peru.

There, we brought new laptops provided by Dell and taught the teachers and students how to use them to help advance their education and ultimately create opportunity and a better quality of life now and in the future. To power these computers and keep them working throughout the year, Goal Zero provided solar panels, lights, and solar generators which we installed hands-on to make sure everything was 100 percent in working order and sustainable for years to come.

Along with this new technology, we painted the inside and outside of the new computer center. And, this new computer center building did not even exist a month before we arrived! We worked with the locals, Human Outreach Project, and my personal nonprofit organization The Joyineering Fund, to have the new computer center built and complete the entire project.  An incredible success, and giving to the local community is a gift of joy for all of us.

workers installing solar panels on building

While all of this was amazing, the community, families and children couldn’t have been more welcoming, kind and appreciative. This humanitarian effort gave us the opportunity to create memories, spread joy, and make a positive impact on a beautiful global community. Who knows what these efforts of giving back can make! We even brought thousands of new socks, shoes and other products to add more quality in their lives, that was very much needed, it all comes down to teamwork!

Anything in this world happening that is quality takes ultimate teamwork! We really can be the change we want to see! It’s important to ask ourselves and those around us, what are we doing to make the world a better place? What do we have planned to give back both locally and globally? Its very clear to me: ‘In a world where you can be and do anything, be kind and do good.’

two girls working on a dell laptop

Lilliana Libecki is 14 years old and was born in Salt Lake City, Utah. Some of her first passions in life were skiing, soccer, playing music and traveling. She started skiing when she was two years old, playing soccer at four, and went to on her first international adventure trip at 8 months old with her dad to Thailand.  She has now been to 26 countries, all seven continents, five major expeditions with her dad to Antarctica (twice), Africa, Nepal, and Peru. These expeditions are humanitarian/philanthropy based expeditions. Lilliana has been inspired to give back to our planet and people, and that is her focus in life (she started her own nonprofit 501c3 to give back), aside from being an honor roll student, playing musical instruments (currently Mandolin), spending time with friends and her interest in photography and filmmaking

She has climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa; she is the youngest girl to accomplish a backcountry ski expedition in remote Antarctica, and climbed ascents/mountains in Nepal over 19,000 feet on a 150+ mile trek. She just returned from climbing 18,000+ foot peaks in Peru during a humanitarian trip. Lilliana and her dad just finalized a nonprofit 501c3 organization, The Joyineering Fund, conceived of by Lilliana, committed to giving back to the planet, people and animals.

Her main goal while traveling and adventuring is to find ways give back to the planet and people in hopes of improving the quality of life of people, as well as creatures great and small.

She loves animals (has dogs, cats, parrot, pig, chickens), playing music (banjo and piano and mandolin), art, reading, writing and spending time with family and friends.

Lilliana received the Zack Martin Breaking Barriers Grant from the American Alpine Club twice as well as a Young Guns Grant.  She is now presenting her stories to the public and is always looking for new ways to share her message and help inspire others to get out in nature and care about our planet, people and animals…All of Mother Earth!