Dell Technologies World: Exploring Infinite Possibilities

In a world that is rapidly changing, we often find ourselves knowing where we should be, but not always understanding the road to get there. Dell EMC continues to push those explorational boundaries at Dell Technologies World 2019, to bridge that gap towards Real Transformation. Let’s take a sneak peek at the demos, launches and featured solutions the Server & Infrastructure Systems team is bringing to the show.

What’s New?

This year you can expect many advancements within the Dell EMC PowerEdge and OpenManage portfolios. Here are some of the key announcements to look for at Dell Technologies World.

OpenManage FlexSelect – A new pluggable architecture enabling Dell to provide incremental management capabilities through the OpenManage Enterprise console.

OpenManage Enterprise Power Manager – The first plug-in for OpenManage Enterprise extends power management and power monitoring into the OpenManage console.

iDRAC improvements to security – Including TLS enablement for in-band communications and Cipher Suite Selection and HSTS enablement for enhanced communications with the iDRAC.

PowerEdge with Intel® Optane™ DC – With new Intel Optane DC persistent memory, customers can support in-memory databases, virtualization and data analytics workloads on PowerEdge servers.

Expansion of the PowerEdge Portfolio – With new 2nd Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, PowerEdge customers can better drive their digital transformations with improved performance.

Why Does It Matter?

To be competitive, businesses are constantly looking for ways to move the needle. As organizations grow and transform, they need IT that can grow with them. Dell EMC’s advanced infrastructure includes technologies designed for scalability. The PowerEdge MX platform is just one example that booth #219 will feature at Dell Technologies World. The PowerEdge MX offers a flexible architecture with expandable capabilities to meet the needs of an innovative growing business.

However, real growth and real transformation can bring real concerns. Dell EMC understands the importance of security and consistent management for growing IT infrastructures. At Dell Technologies World, there will also be a host of new products. Our latest offerings are designed for efficient and automated management, as well as enhanced security protection against insidious threats. We are determined to bring total peace of mind throughout your IT transformation journey.

How’s It Fun?

Monster Hunter Task Force Game: It is no surprise that threats to your data center are infinite and beyond your control. Dell EMC provides solutions that help you “kill, slay, destroy” threats to your success. The Dell EMC Server team will be featuring a fun interactive game showcasing how our technologies can eliminate those monsters in your datacenter.

New Belgium Brewing Happy Hour: As you continue your journey, make sure you join us for a toast to the IT successes along the way! We’re partnering with VxRail and VMware to host a New Belgium Brewing Happy Hour at 3:30 Tuesday and Wednesday. Come to booth 219 where we’ll be serving up a variety of New Belgium beer in a limited-edition souvenir glass. Make sure you stop by for a chance to win the daily contest giveaway and check out the New Belgium IT customer presentation live from our booth theater!

These are just a few of the activities, tools, and demos we’re bringing to Dell Technologies World. Our goal is to not only help you prepare for innovation, but manage it effortlessly from the edge to the core to the cloud.

With 400+ sessions over four epic days, Dell Technologies World 2019 offers the right resources to change the game for your business and career. Be sure to follow @DellEMCservers on Twitter to stay up to date with schedules, cool events, and live coverage!