Dell PowerProtect Data Manager Appliance: Simplified Data Protection. Guaranteed.

In the ever-shifting digital landscape, the challenges of managing and protecting the expanding volumes of information are monumental. The Global Data Protection Index 2024 unveils the struggles of 60% of customers battling backup windows amid exponential data growth. Two-thirds voice concerns over spiraling costs for storing and managing backups. To combat this, Dell Technologies presents a cutting-edge solution that not only tackles these challenges head-on but also reduces costs while ramping up efficiency.

The Dell PowerProtect Data Manager Appliance is an integrated data protection appliance that can scale up to 256TB of usable capacity and is equipped with state-of-the-art data deduplication technology. Dell is so sure of our data reduction capabilities that the Data Manager Appliance is included in our Data Protection Deduplication Guarantee, which supports a deduplication ratio of at least 55:1.¹

The Data Manager Appliance’s data reduction technology isn’t your run-of-the-mill feature; it’s a disruptor in storage efficiency, resulting in a substantial reduction in required storage space for backups. With the Data Manager Appliance’s data reduction paired with Cloud Tier for long-term retention, you can achieve up to 42.2 PB of logical backup capacity within a single appliance.

Since only unique data is backed up and transmitted over the network, it takes less time to perform that process to meet your backup windows to help ensure protection compliance. It’s not just about saving space; the Data Manager Appliance’s data reduction increases your system’s performance.

What sets Dell apart? It’s the combination of our Dell PowerProtect appliances’ continued success and the Data Protection Deduplication Guarantee program, emphasizing our unwavering confidence in the Data Manager Appliance’s data reduction capabilities. This isn’t just a pledge; it’s a bold assertion in the Data Manager Appliance’s efficiency. It’s about opting for excellence when you choose Dell.

Don’t just take our word for it:

Rob O’Daniel, Network Administrator at First Basin Credit Union, attests to the efficiency and reliability of Dell’s solutions: “Dell’s PowerProtect Data Manager Appliance checked all the boxes and accelerated our path to reliable, modern data protection by simplifying our IT operations and strengthening cyber resiliency.”

This is just one example of how customers globally continue to trust Dell data protection to secure their vital business data. Bid farewell to backup window struggles, skyrocketing operational and storage costs and infuriating inefficiencies. Say hello to modern, resilient, simple and efficient protection with the PowerProtect Data Manager Appliance, and embark on a journey where your data is not just protected; it’s also optimized for efficiency.

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1 Data Protection Deduplication Guarantee: Requires customer signature and purchase of a ProSupport, ProSupport Plus or with the Mission Critical maintenance agreement. Applicable products include Data Protection products only.