Dell EMC XC Series – the best path for Nutanix customers gets better!

While I would love to have every single customer leverage VMware technologies – some do not – and in the same way that VMware has their open ecosystem, so does Dell EMC.

For those customers that have chosen not to standardize on VMware, we’re also making 14th Generation PowerEdge Servers available as part of the Dell EMC XC Series.

This update starts with the same core Dell EMC leverage – bringing the power of the 14th Generation of PowerEdge to the XC Series of appliances.


Now – like VxRail – there’s more to XC than just the server hardware – there’s a critical layer that takes on all the systems integration layers.   Calling it “software goop” is appropriate but insufficient.   Like in the VMware ecosystem, customers can choose a “build it” or “buy it” experience – but it’s important to internalize what you are choosing to take on (not just once, but forever) when you choose to “build”.   It’s of course the extensive system-level engineering, testing and support – but also software IP that matter when customers want to get out of the infrastructure business (aka “buy”).


We’ve also been looking at other ways to delight the XC customer base – and have been investing in the ecosystem.

The XC update also includes embedding Dell EMC Data Protection with Avamar directly into the Prism management interface, added new unique data protection for customers using Dell EMC XC and Microsoft Hyper-V together, and new Dell EMC Data Domain integration.


Furthermore – this means that XC gains some additional capabilities for customers deploying Hyper-V on Dell EMC XC:


Thank you to all our XC customers, to Nutanix as our partner, and most of all – a thank you to the Dell EMC team that works hard to make XC the best path forward for customers who are looking for the Nutanix AOS stack!