Dell EMC PowerProtect Cloud Snapshot Manager – November 2019 Increment

It has been an exciting year for both Dell Technologies and PowerProtect Cloud Snapshot Manager. At Dell Technologies World, we introduced a new brand and suite of data protection products under the name PowerProtect. As part of this launch, CSM was rebranded and became part of PowerProtect software family.

CSM is a SaaS solution making it easy for customers to protect workloads in the public cloud without requiring installation or infrastructure. Customers can discover, orchestrate and automate the protection of workloads across multiple clouds based on policies for seamless backup and disaster recovery. CSM breaks cloud silos, allowing customers to use one tool to protect workloads across multiple clouds seamlessly.

CSM has a proven track record of delivering customer value quarter over quarter with new features and capabilities, this quarter is no exception. In this release, CSM introduces several new reports and dashboards which help enterprises gain visibility and insight regarding the status and cost of data protection across all of their cloud accounts and help enterprises achieve operational efficiency and cost control over their cloud environments.

Highlights of this Release:

  • Snapshot summary and detail reports for AWS
    • Snapshot summary report gives customers insight into total CSM and non-CSM snapshot counts and storage used across every cloud account
    • Snapshot detail report for CSM and non-CSM snapshots gives customers the ability to get information about each snapshot so they can control their snapshot sprawl
  • Enhanced Dashboard
    • The dashboard will now display an aggregated view of the protection status of resources across AWS and Azure with the ability to drill down to individual accounts and regions
  • Blob level restore of Azure
    • Customers will be able to restore individual blobs from their container snapshots saving them time and cost of restoring an entire container object
  • Rest API Access
    • CSM REST APIs can be used to manage cloud accounts, policies, plans, snapshots, and restores in AWS and Azure. Access to the APIs is controlled using credentials.
    • Customers can now generate the credentials to access CSM APIs from the Access Management page of the CSM portal.
  • Search snapshots across all regions using tags
    • CSM has been enhanced to enable search for particular instances with specific tags across all regions. This is important if customers have replicated snapshots across multiple regions and need to quickly find the restore point for a particular instance or VM to restore.

Last quarter we announced the CSM promo for new PowerProtect Software and Data Protection Suite customers. If you are a new customer who has just purchased either of the two software suites you are entitled to 20 instances of CSM for 6 months, free! Make sure to follow up with your account team to learn more.

If you are considering trying CSM for your cloud-native workloads feel free to take advantage of our free 30-day trial. Make sure to follow us on social for updates in the future and feel free to check out our other data protection blogs. All for now and we look forward to hearing from you, have a great holiday season!