Dell EMC Cloud Snapshot Manager – Seamless Data Protection Across Multiple Clouds for Backup and Disaster Recovery

With more and more enterprises adopting a multi-cloud strategy, it is important that you have a solution that can protect data across multiple clouds. The explosive growth of data and public cloud computing is changing the way enterprises look at their backup strategy and policies. Snapshots are an efficient and cost-effective way to protect workloads in the cloud.

Dell EMC Cloud Snapshot Manager

Dell EMC Cloud Snapshot Manager is a SaaS solution that makes it easy to protect workloads in public cloud environments – without requiring any installation or infrastructure. Customers can discover, orchestrate and automate the protection of workloads across multiple clouds based on policies for seamless backup and disaster recovery. Dell EMC breaks cloud silos, allowing customers to use one tool for the protection of workloads across multiple clouds. Designed for any size cloud infrastructure, CSM scales as your organization and data grows. The automatic assignment of resources to protection policies based on tags is essential to achieve auto-scaling in the cloud with the peace of mind that your resources are protected.

Why Cloud Snapshot Manager?

CSM is designed from the ground up for any size cloud infrastructure and scales as your organization and data grows. There are many benefits of CSM:

  • Automated cloud data protection from one pane of glass, breaking cloud silos
  • Protection, compliance, and disaster recovery of public cloud workloads
  • Multi-tenancy capabilities enabling multiple accounts and users
  • Automatic deletion of snapshots per retention policies for cost savings
  • Application consistent framework in AWS and Azure for consistent restores
  • Email reports for visibility into the health and overall status of your CSM environment
  • Discovery of existing snapshots in AWS for better control over snapshot sprawl

What’s new in Cloud Snapshot Manager?

Enhancements to our service this quarter include:

Expanded AWS DBaaS protection

  • Aurora
  • Redshift
  • DynamoDB


  • Support for Federated Identification with SAML

Group restores

  • Expedite the recovery of all the VM’s in a protection plan to a point in time via group restores

Enhanced reporting automation

  • Emailing of any report based on scheduled cadence

Cloud Snapshot Manager is breaking cloud silos and providing a better way to consolidate and manage the entire lifecycle of snapshots and recovery from a single management console. If you would like to demo CSM hands on we have a free 30-day trial. If you would like to learn more about CSM check us out online. Lastly, check out this video for an overview of CSM. Dell EMC is a trusted partner in data protection and we look forward to hearing from you.