Dell and Hugging Face Simplify On-Premises GenAI Deployment

The rise of generative AI (GenAI) is one of the most fundamental trends in recent times. There has been a proliferation of AI software, models and platforms that can look both daunting and chaotic with many vendors driving a closed ecosystem of proprietary models. Enterprises face a unique set of challenges when it comes to adopting GenAI technologies. Choosing the right vendors and dealing with data privacy and security concerns each contribute to uncertainty. This uncertainty slows down progress and increases the time to value.

It’s no surprise with these challenges that over 82% of organizations surveyed in the Dell Generative AI Pulse Survey1 noted they preferred being largely in the data center on-premises or in a hybrid model based on the data and its sensitivity. This gives them more control over their models and to achieve better results and manage costs.

It is important to note that no one technology vendor has a monopoly on innovation.  At Dell Technologies, we work with several ISVs and AI models such as the recently announced collaboration with Meta with their Llama 2 model. Our focus is to work with the right partners and offer a complete software ecosystem where our customers can get the best value with the most accuracy and the fastest path to results. Open-source models give customers the transparency, customization and community collaboration they need in their GenAI journey.

Authenticated Portal for Dell Customers on Hugging Face

We are announcing a partnership with Hugging Face to make the best open-source GenAI models available on-premises and optimized for Dell infrastructure. Hugging Face will make their tools, models and data sets available to Dell customers in an easy-to-access location.

The companies will create a new portal for Dell customers on the Hugging Face platform to offer simplified on-premises deployment of customized large language models (LLM) on the industry’s top-selling infrastructure technology portfolio.

Custom, Dedicated Containers, Scripts and Technical Documents

The Hugging Face Dell portal will include custom, dedicated containers and scripts for inferencing and fine-tuning the top generative AI models. This will help users easily and securely deploy open-source models available on Hugging Face with Dell servers and data storage systems. Over time, Hugging Face will release updated containers with optimized models for Dell infrastructure, offering improvement in performance and support for new GenAI use cases and models.

This partnership enables an enhanced user experience on-prem and drastically enhances the time to value for our customers building GenAI solutions. Customers can spend less time resolving library and driver versions and identifying dependencies and spend more time developing and implementing. It will help our customers with rapid prototyping and experimentation and accelerating innovation with Dell trusted infrastructure. Through this partnership, Dell and Hugging Face will bring AI to your data by helping organizations accelerate from idea to innovation with simplified, tailored and trusted solutions.

Get Started with the Dell Accelerator Workshop for Generative AI

Dell Technologies offers guidance on GenAI target use cases, data management requirements, operational skills and processes. Our services experts work with your team to share our point of view on generative AI and help your team define the key opportunities, challenges and priorities. Contact your Dell sales rep for a free-half day facilitated workshop.

1 Dell Technologies Generative AI Pulse Survey, August and September 2023, (N=500)