Cloud Computing Is the next Business Platform: What This Means for Your Organization

For IT organizations, cloud computing can dramatically impact not only technical infrastructure but also skill sets, processes and operations—often in unanticipated ways. In fact, cloud computing is fundamentally changing how both IT and businesses “get things done”.  More than just a technology, cloud is now THE core business platform for all digital enterprises.

Most successful organizations today are leveraging multiple cloud solutions from multiple cloud providers. It’s now a multi-cloud world. The implications of the rapid and inexorable shift to a multi-cloud reality are still emerging. This creates potential for confusion and uncertainty over the best way to leverage various cloud environments to transform IT, to drive competitive differentiation, enhance customer satisfaction and unlock business value.

In this paper we explore how multi-cloud is accelerating digital transformation and outline Dell EMC’s perspective on the implications cloud brings for three significant areas.

  • Security strategies need to be evolved into new shared responsibility models, and new application security-as-a-service technologies can be implemented to apply contextual intelligence at the application level to continually monitor for changes that indicate a threat.
  • “Cloud-native” application architectures are essential for creating innovative new software. Integrated cloud-native platforms create time-to-value and operational benefits, and when chosen carefully, a cloud-native platform can provide flexibility for deploying applications in various public or private clouds.
  • Infrastructure-as-a-Service [IaaS] is a powerful tool to streamline the operation and management of existing applications so that resources saved can be reallocated to innovation. With hybrid cloud IaaS, existing data center and application investments can be protected and extended by creating bridges to public cloud when and where appropriate.

You can download a personal copy of this paper here.

Cloud computing is now an essential ingredient for every organizations’ business strategy—not just their IT operations. Cloud computing is the next business platform on which all businesses will execute rapid customized delivery of new digitally enabled products and services—all organizations will need to harness cloud to be successful.

Your journey to a multi-cloud reality needs to be based on sound strategy and meticulous execution of tactics for enhancing security, building cloud-native applications with an integrated cloud-native platform, and optimizing traditional business applications with IaaS. Organizations that put these elements at the heart of their multi-cloud strategy can best take advantage of the robust benefits cloud technologies provide and achieve their most important business goals as they execute on their digital transformation.

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