Bringing Opportunity to OEMs

How OEMS can Unlock New Revenue Streams by Leveraging Software Design and Monetizing Customer Data

Thanks to digital transformation, application workload continues to increase exponentially. As an OEM, you and your customers must be multi-cloud ready and capable of connecting as part of a system of intelligent systems. Having an architecture that can handle a massive amount of data is critical to success.

In my view, a dual approach is the only way to go. Hyperconvergence integrates multiple system components into a single integrated turnkey solution while a software-defined storage array allows you to leverage a range of capabilities across different hardware platforms.

This approach truly offers the best of both worlds, allowing you to build appliances to meet your customers’ needs across multiple vertical industries. Key benefits include increased resiliency and scalability.

I believe that 2020 is a time of unprecedented opportunity for OEMs. With the right partner and architecture, you can develop innovative solutions to unlock new revenue streams and monetize customer data.

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If you’d like to learn more, please read this technical brief on why a software-defined approach is important for solution designers and watch the video below.

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