Baker’s Half Dozen – Episode 2: Will Autonomous Vehicles Take Our Jobs? Or Strengthen the Human-Machine Partnership?

Episode 2 of Baker’s Half Dozen is upon us. This month Matt answers:

  • Is it the hardware driving AI acceleration, or do we need to write better code?
  • Will autonomous vehicles take our jobs or strengthen human-machine partnerships?
  • Are mid-course dividends worth the cost of failed innovation?

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Episode 2 Show Notes:

Introduction with Matt Baker

Item 1 – Self-Driving Threatening Drivers

Item 2 – AV Solution Difficulties

Item 3 – 3 V’s of Big Data

Item 4 – AI without GPUs

Item 5 – AWS/VMWare

Item 6 – UT TACC Frontera

Item 6.5 – Deploying OpenStack