Baker’s Half Dozen — Episode 12

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On today’s episode we discuss how you, the viewer, can help fight the coronavirus at home by using your PC. We also discuss the importance of keeping Atomic Time, and how your car is a snitch!

And finally, we want you to share what piece of old technology you refuse to part with. We discuss all of this and more in episode 12 of Baker’s Half Dozen.

Episode 12 Show Notes:

Item 1: Help fight the coronavirus by folding at home.

Item 2: Is Atomic Time more accurate?

Item 3: 75% of enterprise data will be created outside.

Item 4: Tesla Sentry Mode is helping solve hit and run cases.

Item 5: AWS Billing Myths

Item 6: Cloud computing is not an energy hog!

Item 6.5: What is the oldest piece of tech you refuse to part with?