Avamar and NetWorker: Updates Expand Efficiency, Flexibility and Reliability

Dell Technologies is excited to announce the latest releases of Avamar and NetWorker, as well as Data Protection Advisor and Data Protection Central, which became available in May. These updates and innovations to Dell’s Data Protection Suite deliver customer value through enhancements to user interfaces and automation capabilities, expanded cloud and storage integration and security and compliance updates.

As two of the three data movers in the Dell data protection portfolio, Avamar and NetWorker play a critical role in delivering efficiency, flexibility and reliability to customer data protection operations. These updates maintain that path and represent Dell Technologies ongoing commitment to the Data Protection Suite, its components and its thousands of customers.

In March, we updated the third data mover software offer, PowerProtect Data Manager, with multiple new capabilities, including enhanced security and expanded cloud capabilities, as well as extended enterprise data protection capabilities for Oracle environments.

Efficiency and Automation

The new releases of Avamar and NetWorker feature streamlined administrator management capabilities, which increase security and ease of use, making it simpler to navigate and access the data protection features you need. The updates also include automation capabilities, saving time and reducing the risk of human error.

Security and Compliance

Data security and compliance are critical in today’s digital landscape. The latest updates to Avamar and NetWorker include security enhancements and compliance updates, such as period locking for immutable backups, enhanced access control and integration with third-party security tools.

Serviceability and Availability

The updates also include improvements to serviceability and availability, making it easier to monitor, manage and troubleshoot Avamar and NetWorker. Enhancements include leveraging NetWorker Virtual Edition as a NetWorker storage node and extending the number of allowable DD Boost devices, resulting in even faster backups and reduced network bandwidth requirements.

Multi-Hypervisor Support

The new releases continue to expand flexibility by adding VMware File Level Restore support for updated versions of vSphere, Red Hat Enterprise Linux running on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and enhanced capabilities for VMware Cloud Director.

Cloud and Storage Integration

Finally, the updates include expanded cloud and storage integration, making it easier to protect and manage data across hybrid environments. Customers can now take advantage of new cloud storage options, such as NetWorker Virtual Edition running in Oracle Cloud, Avamar support for Azure Stack HCI and integration with the latest release of DD Boost API.

These enhancements deliver a range of benefits for Avamar and NetWorker implementations, including:

    • Increased efficiency through further automation
    • Better security and compliance through enhanced access control
    • Improved serviceability and availability, reducing downtime
    • Expanded hypervisor support, providing greater flexibility and versatility
    • Expanded cloud and storage options, making it easier to manage and protect data in hybrid environments

Avamar and NetWorker continue to be critical components of Dell’s data protection portfolio. The latest updates deliver significant enhancements to their capabilities, providing increased value to our customers. To learn more about the updates and how they can benefit your organization, visit the Dell Technologies Data Protection Suite website and Dell Support to review the release notes for Avamar and NetWorker, or contact your Dell Technologies representative today.