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AI Inferencing is at the Edge

In today’s enterprises, there is an ever-growing demand for AI-enabled services, from image and speech recognition to natural language processing, visual search and personalized recommendations. At the same time, datasets are exploding in size, networks are growing more complex and latency requirements are becoming more demanding as many AI applications now require responses in real…

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The Great STEM Race, Starting in Austin

In the ever-increasing digital economy, every job will be rooted in science, technology, engineering or math (STEM). Dell Technologies is providing a real opportunity for students to discover where their career interests lie by bringing a simulated workplace to school. When students are given exposure to real-world devices in a professional environment, they discover their…

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AI at Dell Technologies

We are all witnessing and living through the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) at an unprecedented pace and scale, due in large part to increasing amounts of data, enhanced technological underpinnings and the propagation of connected devices. And although this may seem like a relatively recent occurrence, we have been paying attention to AI for…

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