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Translating Security Leadership into Board Value

  CISOs find themselves increasingly engaged directly with their Board and Executives because the Board and Execs see the volume and impact of security incidents increasing.  In fact, Oxford Economics just reported that serious breaches permanently shave nearly 2% off public company value.  This is in addition to the substantial expense ($4 million per breach…

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Is the cyberworld doomed to be unsafe forever?

Before seeking an answer, let’s question the question. I recently returned to the cybersecurity industry and (re)joined the good fight to secure the cyberworld. As the digital era unfolds, it feels good to be part of this mission-driven industry to help create a safe digital future. While a lot has changed, and there have been great…

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A new variant of this tool, previously reported in 2013 by TrendLabs, was submitted to VirusTotal from the Philippines on March 27th, 2017. Its original filename, 2017.exe, was prescient since it has the ability to exploit CVE-2017-5638 and other previous Apache STRUTS vulnerabilities. File Details File Name: 2017.exe File Size: 107008 bytes MD5:        …

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