Are You Ready for the Future of Work?

At Dell Technologies World on May 22-25, we’ll showcase the latest in technology that helps businesses provide the right tools to end users to help spark their creativity and ignite innovation, while assisting IT managers with breaking through barriers, as they lean into the future of work.

Come out to Las Vegas and take advantage of learning opportunities that will help propel your business forward with new intelligent and innovative designs.

Join these sessions to learn more.

Discover collaboration tools for the hybrid world

Employees are working from different places and in more diverse ways than ever. Our experts will demonstrate the latest collaboration tools, allowing you to experience firsthand the options available to empower your team. We’ll share tips, tricks and the smart features of our intelligent devices, peripherals and software solutions that enable effective collaboration. Session ID: 1805P-1

Create a more productive hybrid workplace with device lifecycle management

Employees in today’s fast-paced environment need reliable, personalized technology to communicate quickly and easily. Learn how Dell device lifecycle management solutions help address the challenges of the hybrid workplace. Session ID: 1903P-1

Automating tools and services for the modern workforce from deployment to “Day 2” and beyond

Automation tools are becoming prevalent in enabling organizations to work smarter, reduce costs and improve end-user experience. Learn more about the automation of end-to-end processes relating to device procurement, user on-boarding and off-boarding, asset management, security and more. Session ID: 1806P-1

Unlock the strength of IT support with AI-driven insights

Keeping your desktops and data centers running smoothly 24×7 can be daunting. Limited resources, team bandwidth and constrained budgets make it hard to move past daily troubleshooting. In this session, we will share how innovative, AI-powered technologies provide distinct advantages, make automated support a reality and provide valuable insights to help you more easily manage your PC and infrastructure environments. Session ID: 1902P-1

Take advantage of the latest workstation technologies

There are so many new workstation technologies that have come to market over the last few years. What’s the value to IT managers and end users? Join us to hear from workstation technology experts and learn about the advancements across the spectrum of management and performance features so you can take advantage of these features today and as you plan for the future. Session ID: 1102P-1

Scalable work-from-anywhere with VDI and next-gen thin client solutions

Explore a scalable and adaptable work-from-anywhere approach with VDI solutions and next-gen thin clients and software. This session covers how Dell Technologies can help streamline and optimize the implementation of a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) so you can focus on innovation. Learn how Dell next-gen thin clients and VDI software help to enhance the end-user experience while simplifying IT operations. Session ID: 1106P-1

How we do IT at Dell: Delivering great work experiences everywhere

Whether your organization has had a long history of hybrid work or was supporting a remote workforce for the first time, you likely found the last few years challenging. We’re no exception. In this session, Dell IT will reveal how we’ve drawn on our decade of experience enabling remote and hybrid teams to optimize work and adapt to our team members’ evolving needs. Session ID: 1203P-1

Overcome the top three IT challenges with Dell PC as a Service

Balancing the needs of an anywhere workforce with IT budget constraints shouldn’t keep your business from growing and thriving. Find out how the flexibility of Dell PC as-a-Service can help free up capital so you can invest in the innovative solutions your users need to be productive from day one. Session ID: 1103P-1

There is so much available to attendees at Dell Technologies World this year, with experts from all across Dell, from our partners, industry experts and more. If you haven’t registered yet, go here. See you in Las Vegas!