Are You Leaving Money on the Table by Not Recommending Dell EMC Data Protection?

Are you leaving money on the table by not recommending comprehensive, must-have data protection in every proposal for servers, storage or VxRail hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) that you make to your prospects and customers? You could be. Watch this video, also hosted at channel campaign playbook, explaining why Data Protection is a critical criteria when selecting a converged infrastructure solution.

In 2016, Dell EMC commissioned the Global Data Protection Index report about the maturity of data protection strategies of 2,200 IT leaders across the 18 most developed nations worldwide. The results of this landmark survey showed vast opportunities for Dell EMC partners to cross-sell comprehensive data protection to their prospects and customers.

You may recall reading this report, and it’s worth money in sales to revisit it now because of a key finding: While true IT transformation requires sound data protection, the vast majority of enterprises are still way behind the curve in their ability to provide that.

Data Protection Opportunities Are as Big as Ever

According to the survey, 36 percent of organizations had suffered unplanned systems downtime or data loss due to hardware/ software failure or loss of power. The average cost of those losses? $914,000.

Of course, since 2016, many respondents may well have deployed data protection solutions. Or they may have just gotten around to upgrading their data protection as part their 2017 plans and budget cycles.

Contrary to the above, many IT leaders and their teams are still too busy fighting their day-to-day fires and juggling multiple priorities to have time and resources to get comprehensive, mature data protection in place. That’s where you, as a Dell EMC reseller, can help by adding Dell EMC data protection into every proposal you make for Dell EMC solutions.

Fact is, with the explosion of enterprise data, organizations of all sizes simply must have data protection. And it’s absolutely essential for software-defined data centers.

Better Together: Dell EMC Data Domain and Dell EMC Data Protection Suite

To serve your customers as their data protection expert and consultant, you couldn’t have a better partner than Dell EMC. Dell EMC is #1 in the Data Protection1 market. By combining Dell EMC Data Domain with the Dell EMC Data Protection software, your customers can cover the entire data protection continuum, including replication, snapshots, backups and archive and achieve up to 81% lower cost of capacity to protect2 over 3 years vs. the competition.

With three core value propositions, it’s:

  1. SIMPLE, providing scalable protection with single-pane-of-glass management to reduce administrative burdens
  2. FAST, with optimized data deduping and throughputs to meet strict SLA backup windows
  3. EFFICIENT, with highly integrated hardware and software to help reduce costs and better manage risks

What’s more, Dell EMC data protection portfolio provides specific suites, so you can tailor solutions to your customers’ specific needs: backup, applications, VMware, archive, and cloud-based, long-term retention. The Dell EMC Data Protection Suite Enterprise Edition meets all these requirements. In addition, when combined with Dell EMC Data Domain, your customers can achieve up to 20x faster backup and up to 10x faster recovery for mission-critical apps while eliminating back up impact on servers3.

To help you fully capitalize on this must-have, data-protection solution opportunity, we have an array of sales & marketing resources you can take advantage of. They include highly effective sales call scripts and FAQs that you or your sales teams can use to qualify prospects. Customer presentations, infographics and many more assets can help you and your teams highlight core Dell EMC data protection advantages.

To find out more about how our Dell EMC Data Domain and Data Protection Suite software can help ensure you’re not leaving money on the table in all your customer deals, visit Dell EMC Data Protection Sales Plays.


1Data Protection defined by Dell EMC as the combination of IDC’s Purpose-Built Backup Appliance Hardware and Data Protection & Recovery Software market segments, IDC 12/17.

2Based on ESG whitepaper commissioned by Dell EMC, “The Economic Value of Data Domain,” May 2017. Data Domain deduplication capacity savings based on ESG analysis of call-home support data from over 15,000 Data Domain systems deployed worldwide.

3Based on Dell EMC internal testing, July 2016 compared to traditional backup.