An Enterprise SSD Fairytale: Finding the Solution That’s Just Right

One of my favorite childhood fairytales was Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We can all relate to Goldilocks in the pursuit of finding just the right fit, especially when it comes to choosing between enterprise SSDs.

It can be difficult to make the right choice when confronted with too many options, or too few options. When choosing your Dell EMC PowerEdge server enterprise SSD, it is important to find just the right amount of performance, latency, and reliability, at the right price. You want enough performance for your specific applications but may not need the top tier performance option either. You may have tried a few different storage options in pursuit of finding the one that is just right. Dell EMC supports you in the pursuit of finding the right storage fit and has recently added options for those of you that are in between enterprise SSDs.

If you have a legacy system with SAS and SATA, there’s an option that is just right for you. As technology advances, you may find certain SATA SSDs won’t be able to properly handle your storage performance needs. At the same time, you may feel SAS SSDs provide outstanding performance, but you can’t justify the added price for your needs. Sound familiar?

Dell EMC PowerEdge servers now offer value SAS SSD options. Value SAS is a new class of SAS SSD that leverages the PowerEdge SAS server infrastructure to deliver better performance, latency, and reliability than SATA SSDs, at a comparable price. Value SAS allows you to maximize your Dell EMC PowerEdge server utilization. These drives are lower cost and have lower performance than standard SAS SSDs, positioning their performance characteristics between SATA and standard SAS. Value SAS is an easy replacement for SATA SSDs and provide greater value for most enterprise applications. Learn more about the Dell EMC SSDs here.

Additionally, there is an option that may be just right for those who have PowerEdge servers equipped for NVMe. Have you ever found yourself settling for SATA SSDs that don’t quite fulfill your storage performance requirements, because you couldn’t justify the price of purchasing Enterprise NVMe? Do you seek a higher performance storage device for a decent price?

If you need a solution that requires high read input/output operations per second (IOPs), low latency and enterprise-class storage reliability and serviceability, the Dell EMC PowerEdge Express Flash NVMe Datacenter Read Intensive PCIe SSD is the right choice for you. The Express Flash NVMe PCIe SSD delivers very good performance and endurance in demanding read intensive environments, such as Media Streaming, VOD, Web Apps and Front-End Web Servers. Built with server-grade, 3D Triple-level cell (3D TLC) NAND, the low-latency PowerEdge Express Flash NVMe Datacenter Read Intensive PCIe SSD provides an exceptional price point with good IOPs, throughput performance, and exceptional reliability and serviceability. Engineered for read intensive workloads, this SSD provides just the right balance of read performance with endurance at the right price. Visit our Express Flash NVME PCIe SSDs page to learn more.

Goldilocks didn’t settle, she chose the option that was just right for her. Visit Dell EMC PowerEdge Servers to choose the PowerEdge server and enterprise SSD that is just right for you.

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