An Easy Way to Drive IT Transformation Engagement

Use our free ESG online assessment tool to help customers to assess their IT Transformation maturity

Organizations of all sizes need to transform their IT to remain competitive, but many haven’t yet taken any action to do so. You can become the go-to partner for IT Transformation, helping them to get to grips with the issues and acting as a trusted advisor to guide them through every stage of the process.

To help you convince your customers and prospects of the benefits of modernizing and automating their IT, we’ve developed a dedicated low-cost campaign strategy that you can use to drive engagement and demonstrate the value of IT Transformation.

Tap into a massive market opportunity

IT Transformation represents a huge business opportunity for Dell EMC partners – and we’re committed to supporting and helping you to stake your claim to a share of the market.

When influential industry analyst ESG surveyed more than 4,000 companies in 16 countries worldwide to ask about their approach to and progress with IT Transformation, it found that 81% of the survey respondents agreed that if they fail to embrace IT transformation, their company will not be able to remain competitive.1

While many organizations reported having IT Transformation initiatives underway, only 6% had already achieved fully transformed status1 – leaving a massive market opportunity open to you.

Whatever their current awareness of the need for change, you’re uniquely positioned to support and guide customers on their journey as they start to make the fundamental move of modernizing and automating their IT.

Connected content to drive engagement

Our over-arching IT Transformation campaign comes with a full range of supporting resources and marketing materials for you to use with your customers and prospects. Each asset is aligned to a specific stage of the buyer’s journey – from explore to decision – to deliver connected content at every step. These are all available on your Digital Marketing Platform.

Campaign strategy 3 within our IT Transformation campaign enables you to adopt a low-cost, consultative approach to promoting the business benefits of IT Transformation. You can leverage our free ESG assessment tool to drive engagement – in a 1-2-1 environment, via a digital marketing campaign or perhaps by running a dedicated customer event.

Help customers to assess their IT Transformation maturity

Thanks for significant upfront investment by Dell EMC, you’re able to take advantage of free access to an ESG online assessment tool that shows where an organization ranks along the IT Transformation Maturity Curve.

The free ESG online assessment tool is based on the quantitative data gleaned from the aforementioned ESG research and this can be filtered by specific region or industry to show a customer their company’s IT Transformation maturity level based on that benchmark study.

Customers and prospects alike will be able to compare their score to industry peers and get a customized analysis with the results identifying recommended next steps to accelerate IT Transformation – all in about 5 minutes.

You can also offer access to the tool to any organizations that have already embarked on their IT Transformation journey – use it to confirm their transformation status against recognized ESG benchmarks, provide ideas for how they could transform further and help them position their company ahead of key competitors.

Demonstrate the value of IT Transformation

While the act of modernizing and automating IT systems and software holistically to improve operations and processes is a major endeavor, ESG’s research shows that IT Transformation delivers real business benefits. The full findings are detailed in an ESG Research Insights Paper2 that’s also available for you to download and share with your customers.

> Watch the short summary video here

It’s easy to leverage the online assessment tool to demonstrate the value of IT Transformation to customers at all stages of their exploratory and decision-making journey.

5 steps to access and activate the ESG assessment tool:

  1. Log into the Digital Marketing Platform, click ‘Build a Campaign/Get Started’ and go to the IT Transformation campaign – you’ll find all the assets that can be activated through the platform.
  2. Under Web Plugins you will see ESG Maturity Tool. Highlight this and de-select all other assets, then select Continue at the top of the page.
  3. Review all the components of the assessment tool and co-brand it to make it your own.
  4. Follow the step-by-step wizard in the yellow box at the top of the page and it will show you to how to either copy the link to share it or embed the tool into your own website, social or emails.
  5. You can find further guidance on how to activate a web plugin in this quick step-by-step video

> Start exploring the ESG online assessment tool today

> Read and share the full report: download the ESG Research Insights Paper

1 ESG IT Transformation maturity research survey of 4,000 ITDMs in 16 countries, April 2018.

2 ESG Research Insights Paper, ‘Research Proves IT Transformations’ Persistent Link to Agility, Innovation, and Business Value, March 2018.