Aggressive Business Growth Demands More Efficient HR

For businesses with large-scale growth objectives, streamlining HR processes might not be top of mind. But it should be.

When a company wants to grow, it needs high-quality talent to achieve those goals. Retaining, motivating, and incentivizing that talent demands a robust human resources strategy. Too often, though, HR processes get in the way of efficiency and exceptional user experiences.

What happens when you leverage technology to reimagine that experience?

ServiceNow Inspire worked recently with EY, the $28 billion global professional services organization, to do just that.

The department had been saddled with outdated service management tools and processes. Without a single, integrated employee view, they were unable to provide cohesive, timely employee support or align with the company’s overarching business priorities.

That did not change the fact that they had been tasked with supporting the very ambitious corporate growth goal of becoming a $50 billion company with an employee count of 300,000. HR had to start driving business value, and fast.

ServiceNow Inspire is an executive advisory program that works with Global 2000 leaders ready for significant business transformation. Our team of industry strategists, former customers, architects, and designers help companies design and execute plans that improve results and increase valuation—from first insight to final implementation. And in the case of EY, HR efficiency was the key to improving business value.

The Inspire team worked with the EY Advisory team to develop a vision that centered around HR efficiency. This meant that wherever employees joined, and for the duration of their stay with the company, they would be supported with an exceptional HR experience.

With HR efficiency as their North Star, EY and ServiceNow Inspire crafted a phased approach to updating and streamlining their HR operations. The first phase focused on using ServiceNow to lay a solid technological foundation for integrated global services. Phase two would focus on creating a stellar user experience for all employees and HR staff.

When the EY Advisory rolled out their ServiceNow HR service management solution to nine locations worldwide, it was hailed as “one of the most successful rollouts we’ve seen in years.” This success led to plans to expand the program into an additional 10 locations.

Now, with the help of the ServiceNow Team and the power of the NowPlatformÔ, EY is on target to achieve their most ambitious growth goals.

Read the full case study for details on the EY plan and its implementation.