A Turnkey Solution for Multicloud

Since our announcement earlier this year, I’ve been eager to learn more about how customers are responding to the new APEX Cloud Platform for Microsoft Azure. In our latest Talking Tech with Travis episode, my guest Bernardo Caldas highlights how customers are thrilled with this innovation, especially the seamless integration of Dell’s infrastructure with Azure.

“The impact on the experience we are delivering is really clear for our customers, whether that is the simplified deployment of the solution, how we make it seamless to operate and manage using Azure services and even how we can increase uptime with reliable patching and updates.”
-Bernardo Caldas, CVP of Azure Edge Product Management, Microsoft

In the episode, you’ll learn how the new platform simplifies data center and edge infrastructure management and frees up time for customers to focus on their core business transformations. The result is a reduction in complexity, quicker time to value and increased predictability and reliability—precisely what our customers have been seeking.

APEX Cloud Platform for Azure, the first offer in the market for Premier Solutions for Azure Stack HCI, is the result of deep Dell-Microsoft engineering collaboration. We went above and beyond what is required for Microsoft’s new category in several ways. Here are a few highlights:

  • Simplifies management 88% faster deployment, optimize and accelerate app and data services delivery and ensure the fastest time to value and ongoing full stack support.
  • Delivers near instantaneous availability of updates and patches—within just four hours of a Microsoft release.
  • Automates cluster expansion enabling rapid addition of on-premises infrastructure to meet workload requirements.

We are thrilled about our expanded partnership with Microsoft and to make APEX Cloud Platform for Azure available for our customers.

Thank you for joining me today. The engineering collaboration between Dell and Microsoft is amazing. If you’re interested in hearing more, you can catch the replay from our recent Silicon Angle event where Dell and Microsoft discussed all our exciting updates and more for APEX Cloud Platform for Azure. Watch it at the link below.

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