A Simplified Way to Update PCs

While we all may agree in theory that it’s important to keep your devices updated, it’s advice we don’t always follow, like exercising every day or eating healthy. We know we should, but we’ll get to it tomorrow… if we remember. It’s a common sentiment. A survey conducted by Kaspersky in 2021 found that 50% of remote workers postpone the installation of updates, with 63% reporting they see no harm in this delay. Dell Trusted Update Experience is a new way to make the device update process easier – to deliver more security, optimize performance and give users a seamless experience.

There are immediate, tangible benefits to a smoother update process, like keeping data safe from security threats, potentially improving device performance and avoiding downtime and costly replacements. While all this may be true, it’s not always enough to inspire users to act. Knowing exercising is good for your physical and mental health doesn’t always compel people to run to the gym. That’s why we’ve worked to make our update experience as painless as possible for both IT and users.

For users, let’s put things in less IT-centric terms. Imagine you have one day before you leave on your long-awaited vacation, and you have a lengthy to-do list: You still need to pack your bags, water your plants, board your pets and send off that one last report for work. However, you also discover the laundry room window doesn’t lock. Not good. You know it will be days before a locksmith can come and fix it, and it would take hours and multiple trips to your local hardware store to fix it yourself.

Now, imagine the faulty lock on this type of window is a well-known vulnerability – so well-known, in fact, that people across the world are aware of it. Anyone could show up at your house and try opening all your windows to gain access and steal your belongings.

This analogy makes two facts clear. First, we’re all busy, making it harder to stay up to date on security. And second, putting off security updates still isn’t worth the risk. After all, 80% of security incidents involve exploiting unpatched vulnerabilities. Cyberthreats are constantly and rapidly evolving to find and exploit any vulnerability in your devices. It’s no easy task to keep every component of your devices — including firmware and BIOS — correctly configured and secured with the latest patches.

It can be a hassle for users to manage their own devices, but for IT, managing a fleet of devices is a full-time job. Organizations must keep track of emerging threats, confirm compatibility with existing configurations and hardware and beyond all that, ensure any updates pushed out do not disrupt employees’ ability to work.

This is where Dell Trusted Update Experience can help.

Dell Trusted Update Experience is a simplified way of providing the latest fixes and updates (BIOS and drivers). Through Dell Trusted Update Experience, Dell provides efficient and streamlined updates that are pre-validated against hardware models, aligned with industry release dates and configurable to roll out with minimal interruption, with support every step of the way.

Workflow of the Dell Trusted Update Experience for drivers, BIOS, and support software for commercial IT users and their workforces, employees and individual end users.

The Dell-supported update processes to which you’re already accustomed provide the Dell Trusted Update Experience, and it’s available for all Dell PCs Dell currently supports.

While the processes may be familiar, Dell Trusted Update Experience enables a more centralized, customizable approach to updates. IT admins can give end users an automatic and silent update experience, while still maintaining the control to configure updates or allow users control and flexibility where preferred.

We release each update on a regular schedule that makes it easy to align with your rhythm of business. This ensures users can be secure and productive throughout every workday without disruption, while IT can rest assured devices are updated and their organization is protected from known-vulnerabilities — all while freeing up their time to focus on other priorities.

To learn more about how Dell Trusted Update Experience can help you and your organization, read our white paper. You can also reference our Dell Support Drivers and Downloads FAQs and our Dell Client Drivers and Downloads Update Release Schedule for more information.