A Remarkable Journey

In the last year, the world has developed a deeper appreciation for the importance of communications technologies. It is no secret now that we depend on our mobile devices and applications to stay connected to the world around us, but this is just the beginning. As we move into 5G, many new opportunities will arise, especially around advanced Enterprise applications. Communications service providers (CSPs), who have historically struggled to launch new services fast and competitively, have a unique opportunity to help build the digital applications of the future. By now, we know that AR/VR experiences, telemedicine services, autonomous vehicles, connected cities, and smart factories will all depend heavily on the 5G technology, and enterprises will depend heavily on CSPs to develop and deliver that technology. Being in this space for a long time, Dell Technologies is a leader in enterprise digital transformation. We understand the monetization opportunities to help our CSP customers lead in this space, and we are ready to help with their efforts to deliver on the promise of 5G.

But, how will 5G drive innovation for the future? Remember that 5G isn’t just a faster, bigger version of 4G. It brings a host of new capabilities to wireless communications, including the kinds of hyperscale features typically associated with the leading cloud service providers. Containers, microservices, network slicing, and multi-access edge computing are new developments in 5G that companies like Dell Technologies and its partners are using to elevate the mobile network from connection pipe to innovation engine.

Consider, for example, the remarkable factory of the future. More than simply a “smart” factory, these 5G-powered factories will be able to leverage video analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and millions of IoT sensors to optimize processes, troubleshoot systems, and drive real-time decision making on the factory floor. In the remarkable factory, machines detect and schedule their own repairs, supply chains remain constantly refreshed, and factory owners can even auction off excess production capacity to generate new revenue streams. And CSPs will play a central role in creating, implementing, and maintaining these solutions.

5G has the potential to transform many industries. In healthcare, 5G technology can help hospitals provide real-time telemedicine to serve remote communities and save lives. For sports stadiums and live events, on-site 5G network services can deliver augmented reality experiences directly to fans’ mobile devices. In shopping malls and airports, private 5G networks can bring mobile broadband connectivity to customers wherever they are.

The success of 5G will be a collaborative effort, not just between CSPs and enterprises but between CSPs and their network equipment vendors. At Dell Technologies, you can see the future of 5G being developed today at our Telecom Co-Innovation Expert Center in Cork, Ireland. The Center is where telecom providers and Dell Technologies engineers come together to create the 5G technology solutions that will drive the future, from autonomous drones to neuro-haptic devices.

Innovation doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It’s the result of collaboration and a shared vision. CSPs know their network. Dell Technologies knows enterprises. Together, we can create 5G technology solutions that bring together products from a global ecosystem of partners to solve the challenges of the future and unlock new revenue opportunities in exciting ways. You can think of it as a place where great ideas are born. Or you can think of it as a place where remarkable journeys begin.

Dell Technologies is committed to making sure that CSPs can effectively monetize their 5G investments and continue to innovate as new market opportunities emerge. Because the real success stories of 5G have yet to be written. To learn more, join us on June 9th for our Telecom Transformation Event where we lay out our plans to simplify and accelerate the journey to cloud-native 5G networks for CSPs.