Operational Intelligence


  • Real-time insight into system performance, resource consumption, and potential threats
  • Ability to proactively prevent threats through pattern detection and automated alerts
  • Reduced downtime thanks to proactive monitoring and visualization
  • Ability to turn unstructured data into structured, insightful data

What it is

Take Big Data Analytics one step further and achieve Operational Intelligence. There is absolutely no doubt that being able to farm, store, and visualize your data is beneficial. But Operational Intelligence takes Big Data one step further by identifying and detecting situations relating to inefficiencies, opportunities, and threats while providing operational solutions to holistically reduce inefficiency, maximize opportunity, and mitigate threats.

How we do it

JTEK’s methodology allows us to capitalize on systems you have in place to provide these holistic operational intelligence deployments. By leveraging the systems your organization has already implemented, we can minimize the capital expense associated with refreshing your entire IT infrastructure. Our operational intelligence solutions consist of emerging technology and established technology that are complementary to a number of infrastructure components; both physical and virtual. Come time to refresh your system from the ground up, JTEK has the agility and flexibility to replace hardware or adopt a software-defined solution without much downtime.

Uptime is key when it comes to operational efficiency, and operational intelligence allows for just that. Many of our customers have found that the ability to check real time diagnostics, to monitor user behavior, to prevent threats, and aggregate data providing insight into patterns gives them an advantage that they weren’t previously able to gain.

Learn how our solutions work together to maximize efficiency, simplicity, and autonomy.