New AWS Certification Specialty Exams & Benefits

We are making two important updates to the AWS Certification program today. We are introducing two new AWS Certification Specialty Exams and our new AWS Certification Benefits Program, giving you another way to validate your skills and to showcase your expertise. New AWS Certification Specialty ExamsOur new AWS Certified Advanced Networking – Specialty and AWS…

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How Dell Helps Nike Change the Game

I’ve been shopping recently for a new pair of running shoes, and it’s been a bit of a Goldilocks scenario. This one was too big, that one was too small. I’m still not sure I’ve landed on just right. So hearing the vice president of Digital Design Transformation at Nike, Ken Black, speak at Dell…

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Introducing Wyse Management Suite for Wyse Thin Clients

In today’s fast-paced technology environment, change is a given. New innovations come on the market every day and there are new ways of working, whether that’s from remote or multiple locations or with multiple devices. For years, our customers had two options for managing their virtual desktop infrastructure: they could manage Wyse endpoints on-premises through…

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