Now on Now: How ServiceNow uses the Now PlatformTM to achieve a 13-point increase in NPS and a 25% case deflection rate

At ServiceNow we’re committed to providing a high-quality customer service experience to every customer.  In fact, there are no customer support tiers—no silver, gold or platinum levels – and customer service is a company-wide promise.  Great service isn’t the responsibility of the customer service department alone; we engage many departments across the organization to resolve…

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Understanding the Container Storage Interface Project

Containers have become intensely important to software developers and system administrators – for good reason. Containers can isolate application code and even entire application stacks. That helps Ops teams keep test and production environments separate. In turn, that enhances security efforts and it gives IT more control of their environments. So, yay. But containers are…

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Disruption by design

How speed and power are reimagining the way we live. Housing some of the brightest minds in the world, the BIG Ideas offices in London, Copenhagen and New York are turning literal pipe dreams into reality. By integrating radical ways of thinking with 3D modeling and global collaboration, BIG Ideas are pushing the boundaries of…

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