Three signs you need to rethink security operations

Protect. Detect. Respond? The classic cybersecurity framework was designed to help organizations improve their cyber resilience. From next generation firewalls to data lakes full of events, we have seen a tidal wave of innovation and investment around the Protect and Detect functions.  On average, a company has dozens and dozens of security products that funnel…

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New – AWS PrivateLink for AWS Services: Kinesis, Service Catalog, EC2 Systems Manager, Amazon EC2 APIs, and ELB APIs in your VPC

This guest post is by Colm MacCárthaigh, Senior Engineer for Amazon Virtual Private Cloud. Since VPC Endpoints launched in 2015, creating Endpoints has been a popular way to securely access S3 and DynamoDB from an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) without the need for an Internet gateway, a NAT gateway, or firewall proxies. With VPC…

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Dive Deep on Storage Field Day

Ever heard of Storage Field Day? It’s one of several Tech Field Days where multiple IT vendors unveil their latest technology to a dozen independent, influential tech experts from around the globe. The format is an interactive, highly technical presentation where questions are welcomed and everyone steers clear of “sales pitch” talk. It’s all livestreamed…

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