Welcome to Brembo’s Digital Factory

IoT Drives Innovation for the Cars of the Future Eleven years ago, my husband Simon, baby Ellen and I visited Monaco during the Grand Prix. I was immediately struck by the atmosphere and excitement surrounding the event. You could say that trip was the start of my love affair with car racing! Today, I’m still…

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Amazon at CES 2020 – Connectivity & Mobility

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) starts tomorrow. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn about the latest and greatest developments in many areas including 5G, IoT, Advertising, Automotive, Blockchain, Health & Wellness, Home & Family, Immersive Entertainment, Product Design & Manufacturing, Robotics & Machine Intelligence, and Sports. Amazon at CESIf you will be traveling to…

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Four Mega-trends Disrupting Data Protection (Part 1)

As data grows and becomes more critical to organizations, ensuring its protection has become a business imperative. However, there are significant transformations taking place across the information technology landscape exerting tremendous pressure on how traditional data protection services are delivered. In this blog series, I will describe four mega-trends that will disrupt data protection as…

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