Why HPC Matters: Saving Lives

From enabling precision medicine to accelerating the development of new pharmaceuticals, high-performance computing is helping us take healthcare and life sciences to a new level. In today’s digitally driven world, healthcare and life sciences are increasingly dependent on advanced technology. And in this new era, the business of saving lives can require an enormous amount…

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Our Newest AWS Community Heroes (Spring 2018 Edition)

The AWS Community Heroes program helps shine a spotlight on some of the innovative work being done by rockstar AWS developers around the globe. Marrying cloud expertise with a passion for community building and education, these Heroes share their time and knowledge across social media and in-person events. Heroes also actively help drive content at Meetups, workshops, and conferences….

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Tackling the Needs of Your Office-Based Customers

As workplaces have evolved, so have the workforces that use them. Several distinct worker personas have emerged, each with its own demands for specific hardware, software and services. We think it’s time your customers knew more about them. By understanding these personas, your sales team can quickly identify the types of people your customers employ,…

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