Decoding Customer DNA with Data Science

By Doug Schmitt President, Dell EMC Support and Deployment Services January 23, 2018 Digital transformation is a directive that organizations of all shapes and sizes are striving to achieve and for those of us in services, it’s no different. We’re constantly innovating, implementing and improving on capabilities that make it easier for customers to adopt…

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New – Inter-Region VPC Peering

I’m still catching up with the last couple of AWS re:Invent launches! Today I would like to tell you about inter-region VPC peering. You have been able to create peering connections between Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs) in the same AWS Region since early 2014 (read New VPC Peering for the Amazon Virtual Cloud to learn…

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Kingston Reigns: ServiceNow’s Latest Release

Today we’re excited to be launching Kingston!  With Kingston now generally available, let’s walk through some highlights within each of the three major themes for the release. Machine learning for everyday work We’re introducing Agent Intelligence, our new supervised machine learning application. Agent Intelligence uses supervised machine learning to accurately categorize, prioritize, and assign incidents…

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